5 Romsons Products That Have Transformed Home Care

2 years ago
5 Romsons Products That Have Transformed Home Care 15

For anyone suffering from a long-term illness, creating a medical haven at home is a blessing. Not only does it allow you to be at ease in your comfort zone but also speed your recovery and help you heal faster. There are a number of products in the market, especially from reputable brands such as Romsons that have truly transformed the way we look at home care. Here’s looking at the top 5:

  1. Romsons Angel Nebulizer

The Angel Nebulizer by Romsons comes with an easy to use one-button operation and is knownwidely for its effective medication delivery. Its lightweight and ultra-compact design give it an expected service life of over 1000 hours with the added benefit of a piston pump. Additionally, the nebulizer is noiseless and extremely practical and thus perfect for home use.

  1. Romsons Nosor Pressure Mattress

A number of factors such as unrelieved pressure, friction, temperature, continence, age, medication, shearing forces and friction can lead to bed sores. These sores are extremely uncomfortable and often painful for long term bed ridden patients. With the RomsonsNosor Pressure Mattress, the patient’s body is relieved of pressure, allowing it to actively fight sores.

The mattress is low pressure and extremely helpful in ensuring a sufficient flow of blood to all tissues. This reduces pressure on blood vessels and subsequently minimizes the frequency and occurrence of sores. The mattress also helps is recovering from existing bedsores.

  1. Romsons Mercury Free Sphygmomanometer

The Romsons Mercury Free BP Monitor is a fantastic alternative to any Mercury Type BP Monitor. The medical community is becoming increasingly apprehensive towards mercury, with growing knowledge about its dangers. The Mercury Free Sphygmomanometer by Romsons is an LED Scale type monitor with a numeric pressure display. The LED scale simulates mercury type pressure tracking. It is easy to use and a great fit for home care.

  1. Romsons Heating Under Pad

The Romsons Heating pad is simple to operate, durable and made of fine quality. The superior design gives it a competitive edge over alternatives.  It is a great way to treat pain, improve blood circulation, promote healing, and help relax tightness of muscles. Heat therapy, especially at home is appealing due to its non-invasive and non-pharmaceutical means of relieving lower back pain.

  1. Romsons Dignity Adult Diaper

The Romsons Adult Diaper is a must have necessity at home for bed ridden patients. It features leg cuffs and elastic that gives it a unique snug fit and special protection against leakage. This is because it uses a blend of double-layered super absorbent core, ADL embossed and tissue with channels, creating a full absorbency system that entirely reduces chances of leakage in the crotch area. It also has an extra locking layer feature, specially designed with blue distribution strips to create a sense of natural dryness for the skin. This creates an extra layer of separation between the skin and the wet diaper, further ensuring that the patient feels comfortable at all times.

With a wide variety of products, Romsons has become the go-to brand for setting up a full-fledged home care system. Head to trusted online retailers such as Smart Medical Buyer and enjoy a 100% hassle free medical equipment online shopping experience.


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