Battle Rope Training

5 years ago

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Fitness trends may come and go; however, the best ones show up time and time again. One example of this can be seen in battle ropes. Battle ropes are heavy, large ropes used to tone the body and build muscle. These robes have been used for years in martial arts, boxing and football to increase strength.

The Artform of Undulation

Battle Rope Training 25

The art of undulation is simply waving the rope up and down. Sounds easy, right? Try it for yourself. You will quickly find out that it is not as simple as you would think. Undulation simply means creating a wave-like pattern. Every muscle in your body is needed to create this wave. As you work with the rope, you will feel your core muscles, the muscles in your arm and your legs working together. Additionally, this is quite a cardiovascular workout. Working regularly with battle ropes will improve your coordination and help improve your muscle endurance. Finally, this exercise is low impact. This means that it is safe for those just beginning to work out as well as injured athletes.

The Complexity of a Battle Rope Workout

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If you are looking to tone your muscles and build muscle mass, look no further than battle ropes. These ropes help improve your range of motion. Additionally, working out with ropes help you avoid repetitive strain injuries. The ropes utilize a number of muscle groups, which means that you are you will burn more fat, work harder and lose more weight using battle ropes.

How to Begin Your Rope Training

When you first begin using ropes, you will want to combine them with your regular exercise routine. For examples, try to complete three intervals of each of the different types of exercises listed below. As you become more confident and in shape, increase the intervals to six.

Rope Repititions

The Wave

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The wave is the most common move. It helps tone your biceps and triceps. When doing the wave, slightly bend your knees and keep your back straight. Tuck your helps to your side and pump your arms up and down to create the wave. Continue pumping your arms up and down for 30 seconds and then take a break. Once you have mastered the wave using one arm, you can try it with both arms to create a double wave.

The Slam

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This battle rope exercise strengthens and tones your arms, shoulders, back and core muscles. To perform the slam, lift the battle rope as high as possible and slam it to the floor with all the force you can muster. You will need to maintain a strong posture throughout this workout. Do as many slams as you can in 30 seconds. Then, take a break.

Battle Rope Circles

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This exercise focuses on improving the mobility in your shoulders. Grab both end of the rope in your hand and keep your hands together. Next, move your arms in a clockwise circle for 30 minutes. Rest and repeat using a counter-clockwise motion. This exercise can be done using one arm at a time or both arms. If you will be using both arms, swing the rope outward to protect your arms and hands.


Battle Rope Training 30

This workout helps tone the back and the arms. Squat low and keep your back straight. Then, grab the end of each rope in a hand. Hold your arms in front of your and slightly bend your elbows. Whip the rope quickly. Soon you will feel as you are trying to fly.

Wrestling Throws

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Wrestling throws are one of the best battle rope exercises to tone your core. To perform this exercise, grab the end of the rope in each hand. Pivot at your waist and flip the rope. Pivot from side to side as you flip the rope from one side to the other.

The Burpee SlamBattle Rope Training 32

If you want to increase the aerobic quality of the slam, combine it with burpees. Do three slams and then do three burpees. Continue this combo for a minute before resting.

If you want to learn how to maximize the benefits of battle rope training, speak to a personal trainer. They will be able to help you maximize your workouts to improve your muscle tone and physical fitness.


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