How To Avoid Varicose Veins As You Age

2 years ago
How To Avoid Varicose Veins As You Age 15

The smooth flow of blood in all parts of our body including the veins is a must. Unfortunately, this process is interrupted because of the weak valves in our veins leading to blood pooling in them. It results in swelling and twisting in our veins. Known as varicose veins, they need to be treated well in time otherwise they could lead to complications. Most of the elders are prone to this disorder that takes others also in its fold. It is the varicose veins treatment Manchester clinics that facilitates good results.

Prevention while ageing – Aged people suffering from varicose veins should make dietary changes by sticking to fibre-rich foods. They must include oats, whole grains, wheat and flaxseeds in their daily diets. Nuts, legumes and seeds should be there in the food taken by the patients. Obese guys are more prone to these veins. So they must shed extra pounds that could be the real culprits behind this disorder. Discomfort and swelling because of the varicose veins can be cured by reducing your unwanted weight.

Those affected with varicose veins should take vegetables including bell peppers, onions, broccoli and spinach etc. Likewise, cherries, grapes, apples, circuit fruits and blueberries are also much helpful for the patients. Cocoa and garlic should also be consumed on a daily basis if you suffer from varicose veins. All these things are helpful in improving the flow of blood that prevents blood pooling in the veins. The pressure of blood in the arteries is also maintained at the desired levels with these fruits and vegetables that can also be helpful. Relaxation in blood vessels is another big benefit.

The wise physicians recommend regular exercising that is so helpful for the perfect flow of blood in the legs or other parts. Accumulation of blood in the legs is prevented by going for long walks and cycling etc that is helpful to reduce blood pressure and prevent varicose veins to occur. Yoga asana and swimming are also much effective to manage calf muscles without involving much strain.

Elders suffering from varicose veins are suggested to make use of compression stockings that are helpful in making the blood flow properly. Great reduction in pain and aching related to varicose veins can be enjoyed by wearing these stockings in regular manners. Likewise, the old people suffering from varicose veins are suggested to apply essential oils that are helpful in reducing heaviness, leg pains and itching. Leg swelling associated with varicose veins can be reduced with butcher’s broom extract and sea pine extract too. Regular use works wonders in enjoying good results. Wearing loose clothes, elevating your legs, massaging and keeping oneself moving is also good for the patients. Why not prefer varicose veins treatment Manchesterclinics for overall satisfaction.


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