PET CT Scan Centre In Chennai: Cure Through A New Way

2 years ago
PET CT Scan Centre In Chennai: Cure Through A New Way 15

What is a PET-CT Scan Centre?

While visiting the hospital, quite a few times one comes across the usage of PET CT scans by the doctors, so one may ask how pet ct scans may help? The process in which has a combination in a gantry which is single, along with a Pet ct helps to acquire images that are sequential from being combined into a superposed, single in nature, along with co-registration of image. Therefore, as a result, PET obtains a functional image which is a result depicts the distribution spatial in nature of activities generally biochemical or metabolic actions inside then the body is aligned in a precise manner have a correlation with the anatomic image obtained by scanning.

What are the processes in which PET-CT works?

  • Having revolutionized in numerous fields PET-CT has added precision for functional imaging in localization based on anatomy.
  • Under the influence of scanning very rapid changes have been noticed in oncology, surgical planning, cancer staging, radiation therapy and so on.
  • Though the combined device is considerably more expensive than the others but still it provides the advantage in functioning for examinations which are stand-alone, working for two devices at the same time.

What are the reasons for undergoing PET-CT scan?

  • At times full body PET-CT scans are quite very much helpful in detecting the root causes of cancer cells and the current condition of the areas in our body which are affected by cancer.
  • During the procedure of PET-CT scan taking place, a small radioactive substance known as contrast material is being injected into oneself for getting a detailed view of the blood flow, and the usage of oxygen in one’s body.
  • A combination of both scans helps in identifying the abnormalities taking place in one’s body more accurately than any other scan procedures being known.

What are the PET-CT scan centre in Chennai?

There are many diagnostics and labs in which are known as PET-CT scan centre in Chennai, which provides complete imaging solutions and laboratory with special services all in one place. These centres aim in bringing the technology of cutting edge in a diagnosis which takes place all by clinical terms aiming to improve all the outcomes of healthcare. In these centres, there is a group of Radiologists, Pathologists and Biochemists along with Microbiologists who all deploy high-end diagnostic equipment to spread over along with a great area for more prospect.

What is the Cost scheme of PET-CT centres in Chennai?

  • Currently, more than 1500 people are being benefited by pursuing their treatments from PET-CT scan centre in Chennai at affordable rates where the people are being able to save about more than 50% of the cost that is being needed for scanning. This was done by BookMyScans, a concern that took the initiative in cutting down some of the cost rates.
  • The types of equipment which are being used during the PET CT scans are very much expensive and the number of PET CT scan centres in Chennai providing with all the facilities is not affordable and is much high than any other scan procedures.
  • Due to the cost which beyond affords, many of the people are ignoring the treatment and is not able to pursue the scan from the PET-CT scan centres present in Chennai.
  • The initiative taken by few concerns like BookMyScans has helped in making the path a bit smooth for the common mass which is appreciated by the physicians because of the selfless service of them and in arranging to pursue the process in the least cost possible.
  • There are also some packages made by few concerns which help in lowering down the cost for PET-CT scan as much as it can be done.

What is the Best PET-CT scan centre in Chennai?

For most of the people who feel to go through the scanning process for better treatment in a less amount of time is not being able to for the cost. Comparing to any other scan PET-CT gives one of the best treatments using equipment of best kinds and therefore the cost matters. Some of the people therefore as no option left goes for other scanning processes whereas the rest cater to find out the packages if present where the scan would be done in a much low cost but with all the facilities of PET-CT scan.

The best PET-CT scan centre in Chennai along with the other scan centres abides by few rules, as follows:

  • The patient reports before an hour or so of the scheduled time given.
  • The basic routine has to be followed in case of drinking and eating so that the scanning process can be carried out in a much easy way.
  • Strenuous physical activity or exercise should be undertaken in the previous 24 hours of the scanning procedure.
  • The change in the quality of scan centres brings about a bit or more changes in the facilities provided after and before scanning takes place.

What is the Difference between CT scan and PET-CT scan?

The normal CT scans only have access to the normal shape and size of the body, not being able to access the works performed by those body parts or tissues. The other scanning shows how the organs of the bodywork but without CT it is generally difficult to point out the exact location of any activity within the body. Therefore a new process is being invented which is PET-CT scan which completes the process in a whole and complete manner.

How safe is PET-CT scan?

The only risk in PET scan is exposure off radiation. A CT scan in a small part of the body done with extra care. When PET is being carried out along with CT scan then the question of radiation exposure does prevail.

The best method to detect cancer is by PET CT scans. In this scan, cancer affected areas appear as bright spots having a metabolic rate much higher than the normal cells.


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