Most college graduates are at least 15 pounds heavier at graduation than they were when they entered freshman year. This is a problem for grads who are trying to find work and live a healthy life. Worrying about your weight and how you look in a business suit isn’t anyone’s idea of life after college. If you are attending Ohio University or any other college, you can use the following to stay in shape until you graduate.

  1. Join or Create Your Own Club

Most students are social beings, which means for these individuals, working out with others will be more fun than doing it alone. If this sounds like you, why not look for an activity to join? You can go down to your dorm lobby or recreation center bulletin board to see what fitness clubs are available. If there aren’t any, why not get together with a few friends and create your own? You can post it up on the bulletin to invite others to join.

  1. Find a Sports Club to Join

Sports is a great way to passively workout. While your mind is set on winning, your body is achieving fitness goals. Track and field is a great place to start – the coach will train and condition your body. Intramural sports should also be considered, which will help you bond with classmates. Options normally include flag football, disc golf, and dodge ball. There are also recreational sports like shooting range, and bird hunting activities which though involving guns like the assembled AR-10 rifle can be as good as any exercise for the heart and mind, to keep one in good shape.

  1. Buy a Bike to Get Around With

Ditch the car and save money on gas by purchasing a bike. You can use this to get around on campus and even ride it into town. Bikes are an excellent way to get your legs moving and heart pumping. See if any of your friends will join you, so you won’t feel lonely along your ride to whatever places you like to hang out. Make sure to buy a lock and chain for your bike to ensure thieves and pranksters don’t get off stealing your ride.

  1. Walk Across Campus

Don’t forget you have two pair of feet you can also get around with. You should opt to walk across the campus to each of your classes and meetings. Ditch the car ride and cross-campus bus service to enjoy a nice stroll outdoors. Your legs, arms and lungs will love you for it. And if there’s an elevator you can use, opt not to. The stairs are better for your health and sometimes faster than waiting around for the elevator.

  1. Create a Workout Plan

It’s easier to achieve a goal when you know what they are and have a road map to get there. Develop a plan that will help you achieve your fitness goals. This should include an exercise regimen, healthy eating plan and a strict, but reasonable schedule. Once you have one created, make sure to stick to it. See if one or more of your friends will like to embark on the fitness journey with you.

Staying fit in college is a matter of choice. If you decide to live a healthy college life, then plan it out and stick to your guns!