Choosing the Right Dermatology Clinic

Making the firm decision to have a makeover through medical intervention is something very delicate and important in anyone's life. Christmas excesses, the proximity...

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Life can be Cut Short by Two Years Due to Pollution, Experts Suggest

In June 2022, experts shared a report that showed how air pollution can shorten lives. More specifically, EPIC’s (the Energy Policy Institute at the...
hair transplantation

Advanced surgical techniques for hair transplantation

In the technologized world, it has become more prominent among both gender male and female. It is a process for treatment to replacing hair...
Massage Therapy

Types of Injury Massage Therapy Used to Treat Chronic Pain

Many people do not consider massage therapy as a viable means of alleviating chronic pain. The truth is injury massage therapy can effectively get...
During Pregnancy

The Situation Of Depression During Pregnancy

In case of a woman an experience of childbirth is often accompanied by sadness, anxiety and a sense of depression. Women do confront with...
Nurse Practitioner

What Are The Responsibilities Of A Family Nurse Practitioner?

With several similar roles available in the healthcare sector, it is important to know what distinguishes one profession from the other – that way,...

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