Deal With A Heartbreak

A broken heart can make any person feel unloved, hopeless and alone. Since the person you’ve always cared for and depended on is no longer there or does not want to support you, you don’t know where to turn or how to start over your life from scratch. Pain can become extremely unbearable and can cause sleepless nights, constant crying or doing activities that will make you forget the pain. Most people, who have become depressed because of heartbreak, often seek help from families and friends. Even married couples can suffer from a broken heart. However, most married couples who are having so many problems that they wish for divorce often goes to contact an expert in marriage counselling Hills District like Colleen Hurll to avoid aggravating the problem, causing separation and losing the relationship that they have established.

Heartbreaks shouldn’t stop you from becoming the best version of yourself. You might feel down for now,but the feeling of unhappiness will subside.Giving yourself some time to heal while taking proactive steps to help you cope up can help you find a sense of balance in your life.These steps make you feel a lot better andgive you a renewed purpose to your life.

  • Remove All Contact With That Person

Completely remove that person from your life. This step might be harsh and drastic,but it is a vital move to heal yourself. Start by blocking that person’s phone number, facebook account and other social media sites where you can find him or her. Make the necessary adjustments to avoid running into that person and asking mutual friends how that person is doing. Blocking that person will allow you to start making yourself a priority and focusing on the healing process without involving the person who caused your heart so much misery.

If that person is your best or close friend, arelationship may still be possible in the long run. But for now, it requires both of you to let go and be free from any lingering feelings by shutting the other out. The length or duration may take weeks, months and even years. It all depends on the person and how serious your relationship was.

  • Find a Support System

Find someone you trust who is willing to let you confide in him or her during your depressing moments. Most people prefer a relative or close friend, while others choose a professional counsellor. Try looking for a reliable expert who can offer various services such as individual counselling, emotional therapy and even expert marriage Counselling Bella Vista by Colleen Hurll which can greatly help you.

Try to find a second and third line up as well of people who you can confide some, but not all, of your emotional distress. When you are feeling overwhelmed, they are the people whom you can rely on to provide primary support and help you realise your worth by showing you love and cared for by others.

  • Make It A Habit

Sorrow and grief tend to make you feel unable to do your daily tasks well and feel like shutting yourself out from the world. You might feel various negative emotions such as anxiety, being overwhelmed by activities or lack of interest to mingle with other people or even take care of yourself. Try to create a checklist of what activities and routine you do weekly. You can remove activities that might remind you of your past lover so don’t be afraid to remove it from your list. After creating a routine, maintain it everyday and it will give you a sense of normalcy in your life and staying busy will also pass up time more quickly helping you avoid over thinking and wallowing in your emotions.

  • Love And Be Kind To Yourself

Be gentle with yourself rather than trying to become numb and keeping all the emotions all to yourself. If you don’t allow your feelings to come out, you won’t find a way to work through them.

Cry on your bed, write angry messages in your diary, or eat a bit of sweet. Give yourself permission to play games and watch whatever movies you choose. Treating yourself as a valuable person will make you feel andrealise that you deserve someone who will treat you better.

Final Word

Heartbreak is a distressing feeling for everyone,but it doesn’t mean you should stop doing your everyday tasks and enjoying life in general. Acceptance, patience and using these tips may help you find a way to cope up with your heartbreak.