Every man has a “worry list” (a list of things he has to worry about) and PE is most certainly one problem that they pray never makes the list! We all know what happens when there is ejaculation finds its way to your worry list – your partner gives you the I-wish-I-was-sleeping-with-my-ex-boyfriend look; trust me, that look can kill! Instead of worrying about it, there are ways you can actually cure them.

According to top medical experts ” early ejection ” – which is also popularly referred to as PE – is a condition when a man consistently ejaculates way too soon before he or his partner wishes it, either prior to, during or a couple of seconds after sexual intercourse.

There are basically 2 types of PE and they are primary and secondary early ejection. Men who are actually suffering from primary have had to deal with this problem all their sexual lives. Secondary develops in men later on in life due to one or a variety of possible causes. The majority of men who suffer from PE usually fall under the secondary group. Possible causes of secondary ejaculation are:

  • Certain types of medications
  • Hormonal abnormality
  • Stress and anxiety
  • A negative response from one’s sexual partner
  • Virility stealing illnesses such as diabetes and hypertension
  • Early childhood experiences etc.

Thank goodness, you can cure PE. There are several ways to control premature ejaculation – but you need to understand that some of these methods may actually not provide you with the type of results you are aiming for – that is, an erection that will please your partner and make her walk past a vibrator sale (wink)

You can overcome early ejection with some of these popular treatments:

  • Kegel exercises – It will work if you have the time and of course, patience
  • Breathing exercises – good for yoga enthusiasts
  • Making use of desensitizing creams, lotions, and sprays – try making love to your partner with a numb penis.
  • Taking a less stimulating sexual position -good luck with that; seriously, good luck
  • Viagra – well, but you cannot use this drug with certain medications.

The best way you can cure is to use a tested and trusted natural herbal formula like Ayurveda herbs.

Premature ejaculation treatment in the form of simple exercises is recommended for those who do not want to simply stick to one remedy or technique. Exercises can be used in conjunction with other treatment options or they can be used as the primary solution for treating sexual-related problems. They can be included in a person’s routine without the need to stop other healthy remedies like lowering stress levels, nicotine or alcohol intake.

Sexual therapy is another treatment that can be turned to in severe cases. If you feel as though you need expert help to deal with your anxiety sexual therapy can help. Here you can discuss your problem with a fully premature ejaculation specialist doctors and discussed the best way to treat early ejection that can make all the difference to your love life.

Biological causes are also common reasons. An example of this includes having a thyroid problem. Do not think, however, that having a condition like this automatically means you will suffer from ejaculatory problems.

There are many other reasons for ejaculating early in sexual relationships. There are many occasions when even the situation of a new relationship can affect one’s performance in bed. For example, a person who gets too excited with a new sexual partner can ejaculate prematurely. Someone who just feels much anxiety before and during intercourse can also suffer from the Premature Ejaculation disease.

Heightened sexual performance really is important to a male, if he starts to discover physical issues in this region associated with his everyday life, then perhaps it will make him experience premature ejaculation. If you are one of these men Ayurveda is the cure to PE try it at the Rasyog health care. Premature ejaculating does not have to rule your life nor does it have to become a dominating factor. By using the Ayurveda medicines treatment to resolve this problem, boost your sexual confidence and you can remove early ejaculation from your life.

The need to stop premature ejaculation is a growing concern as more relationships are impacted by the failures of men in relation to the importance of achieving sexual satisfaction. Here is good news for you! There are natural treatments that can help you stop this disorder, Try it now and you will see how great it is. The idea of not being able to meet their partner’s sexual needs seems like a petty reason for a relationship to end, but with this treatment, you will gain the resource needed to overcome these weaknesses and get the most out of your investment.

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