Getting in shape is hard work. Committing yourself to hours at the gym or devising a grueling running regiment is no joke. What’s even harder, though, is the slog a fitness novice must make through the mountains of info and advice found on the internet and in weight rooms around the country. You may very well find testimony of incredible results using one technique, only to see it debunked on the next site you visit.

Fitness is a fickle friend to most, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. Gym rats everywhere find new secrets to help them achieve consistently strong results whenever they lift. Here are a few of those few fitness trends to help you reach your healthy goals.

Dietary Supplements

Our metabolism and nutritional intake are often inefficient, which is why physical fitness devotees find solace in dietary additions. We can only eat so many peanut butter sandwiches before our stomachs cry out for a reprieve. In order to ingest sufficient amounts of protein, lifters often need a supplementary source. The solution is the addition of protein specific supplements, like protein shakes and specialized breakfast bars engineered to deliver the boost of protein so desperately needed to promote extended muscle mass gains.

It’s a lot like adding daily multivitamins or increased orange juice intake into your diet when you feel the stirrings of a cold brewing inside. Similarly, gym goers found that the addition of supplements promotes increased muscle definition and heightened fitness levels. A series of additions hit the market in recent years, but former cure-all solutions pale in comparison to supplements like prohormones.

Prohormones form a critical boost for those looking to maximize their time working out. This is especially helpful for anyone frustrated in their pursuit of healthy living by a busy work or school schedule. Simply put, the addition of supplementary diet solutions can enhance your productivity.

Secondary Workouts

In addition to a bolstered diet, fitness-minded individuals are seeing heightened results through engagement in added workout sessions. It might seem obvious that supplementing a grueling morning lift in the gym with a long evening run is endlessly beneficial. What’s less obvious, however, is where the energy for this second session comes from, bringing the focus back to diet.

Many fitness experts recommend supplementary sessions, and coupling this with additional dietary assistance makes this difficult proposition much easier to accomplish. Alongside that, adding a second training outing will boost your overall morale. After all, you’ll be working out not once, but twice in one day.

Changing scenery

While trips to the gym are key to any workout routine, a healthy dose of nature adds to the experience immensely. Just as a change in workout regimen every two months or so keeps your muscles from slumping, so too does a change in venue. Outdoor adventure sports are on the rise in the physical fitness scene and it’s easy to see why. There’s a meteoric rise of adventure sports on television accompanying amateur participation in similar activities. You watch well-toned athletes completing exhausting challenges with ease and aspire to accomplish similar feats of daring.

Outdoor exercise also breaks up the monotony of the halogen shadow cast by your regular gym equipment. It’s paramount to your health to soak up the fresh air of nature while getting your sweat on. It’s fun and fulfilling to engage in novel challenges that feed your adventurous spirit while also taxing your body.

Fitness takes on many forms, and engaging yourself in different activities can give you the best chance for success. It’s not enough to rely on outdated or singular fitness blueprints for success. You need to take on a variety of challenges and assist your body in its quest for peak physical fitness.