Erectile Dysfunction

You may think that ED is more common among men 60 and older, but it can occur in men of any age. In fact, some diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity and kidney disease can significantly increase the risk of developing ED. The following are just some of the things every man should know about ED – you can find more at London Andrology.

  1. Some Medications can Cause ED

There are certain types of medications that can cause ED. This is because they affect hormones, nerves and circulation, all of which can cause erectile dysfunction. Some of these drugs are diuretic, antihistamines, antidepressants, anti-seizure medications and some high blood pressure drugs.

  1. ED is not a normal Part of Aging

ED may appear more in older men, but it is not a normal part of the aging process. Aside from age, there are a lot of other factors that can cause ED including certain health conditions like diabetes, obesity and heart disease. All these conditions are more prevalent among older men hence the higher rate of ED in older men.

  1. ED Affects Your Partner as Well

Since ED is such a personal problem, it can be very easy to disregard your sexual partner’s feelings on the issue. Being able to talk about ED with your partner can help you make significant progress towards resolving the factors behind the problem.

  1. Tight Clothing Doesn’t Cause ED

There has been a long enduring myth that wearing tight pants and underwear can cause ED. There’s absolutely no scientific evidence to support this claim. In fact, there is sufficient proof to the contrary.

  1. Most Cases of ED are Physiological

You may have heard that ED is caused by psychological problems or relationship issues. But the truth is that most ED cases are actually caused by a medical or health reason that can hinder the ability to achieve and maintain an erection. But there is also a psychological component since most men who suffer from ED often lack self-confidence and suffer from anxiety, tension and anxiety which can make ED worse.

  1. ED can be Treated

There are very many varied treatment methods for ED which can include lifestyle changes and medication. Talk to your doctor and take the time to review the many treatment options available.

  1. Men with ED Still Have a Libido

Most men with ED will often experience declining libido. But this has more to do with the frustration and anxiety over being unable to maintain an erection and not because they are not turned on. It is necessary to discuss this issue with your partner since they may feel that your ED is a reflection of their inability to appeal to you sexually.

  1. ED can Indicate a Serious Health Issue

There is a clear correlation between ED and heart disease. Arteries and other blood vessels are often constricted and blocked in people with heart disease and since the arteries in the penis and pelvic region can also be affected, a person with heart disease can have ED. The arteries in the penis are smaller than those in the heart and tend to respond to blockage sooner. This is why ED is often considered a warning sign for heart disease and high blood pressure.