Female sexual dysfunction – a persistent physical or emotional problem associated with sex – may occur at any stage of life. Such problems typically include lack of desire, arousal difficulty, orgasm problems or pain during sex intercourse. Physical factors, such as diabetes, hormonal disorder, heart and neurological disease, as well as side effects of drugs for these diseases, may affect a woman’s sexual response. (For comprehensive listing of drugs and their potential side effects visit http://www.drugs-med.com.)

In addition, having problem enjoying sex may result from psychological factors even when a woman isn’t medically diagnosed with a mental condition. These factors are diverse and each of them may contribute to female sexual dysfunction in much the same way it contributes to erectile dysfunction in men. Below are the main non-physical causes of female sexual dysfunction.

Depression which affects twice as many women as men, often results in a loss of interest in sex.
Stress causes women to have more interest in sleep than in sex and inhibits their ability for arousal or reaching orgasm.

Dysthymia, a subtle form of depression that is difficult to diagnose, causes a woman feel sad, overwhelmed, unappreciated and isolated. A woman feels so unattractive and unloved that she withdraws from sex.

Emotional or sexual abuse that a woman has once experienced puts lots of sexual difficulties. Some feel terror when they’re in sexual situation; others become unable to stay connected to their partners while making sex.
Body image and beauty standards imposed by fashion magazines make a woman feel bad about her body and make it hard for her to let go and sexually respond to the partner.

Relationship problems, anger, lack of trust and connection mean a nonexistent sex life because these communication problems adversely affect women’s sexual response and interest.

If you feel your sexual problems are rooted in psychological conflicts, seek therapeutic evaluation. A sex therapist will provide education about sexual function, help you overcome stress and anxiety about sexual performance, prescribe medications to minimize pain and female Viagra to rev up sex drive and increase sexual pleasure.