Hair loss for women can be devastating, especially if it is the side effect of medical treatments, like chemotherapy for cancer. While some women choose to hide their loss with wigs, others want more permanent solutions, especially for the thin hair that grows back. Fortunately, there are modern hair replacement solutions for women who have experienced hair loss.

Reasons for Hair Loss

Along with medical treatment side effects, women tend to lose their hair for many of the same reasons as men. Hereditary characteristics play a major role in hair loss for most people, which means that if their mother or grandmother had thin hair, then a woman is more likely to have the same issue. Most women first notice thinning and balding hair around the area where their follicles part.

A woman may find their part gradually widening as their hair thins and they begin to lose it. They may also notice too much hair coming out when they brush or comb their hair. Women may also notice their hairline receding and forming a widow’s peak they’ve never had before.

Medical Reasons

Along with chemotherapy, other chronic conditions can also cause some women to experience hair loss. Oftentimes, it’s the first signs of thyroid disease, lupus, anaemia, or other diseases. Women going through menopause can also lose their hair, as their oestrogen levels begin to drop around this time.

Extreme stress can also cause women and men to lose their hair. This lose is often due to a traumatic event, such as the loss of a loved one, undergoing surgery, or even an acrimonious divorce. This loss is only temporary, so the hair will grow back when the stress is reduced or when the situation is resolved.

Hair Loss Solutions

While some prescription shampoos can help stimulate hair growth by unclogging follicles, some women need more effective solutions for their hair. For women whose hair has thinned, they can choose to have hair extensions to lengthen their hair and make it look thicker. Extensions are easy to apply and will immediately make hair look fuller.

Another solution for thinning hair or hair loss is the application of a flexible mesh material to the scalp. While some salons use glue or heat to apply the mesh, a women hair loss clinic in London may thread a woman’s natural hair through the mesh and use special tools to seal it. They don’t use heat or glue because those methods can damage the already fragile hair.

Other human hair will then be attached to the mesh to make the client’s hair look thicker and longer. Once the hair is attached, it can be cut and styled in almost any way, as it essentially functions just like natural hair. As long as the hair extensions or mesh attachment is left alone, the hair can be washed, dried, and styled as if was your own, natural hair.

These non-surgical hair loss treatment options are effective for making hair appear thicker and longer immediately. These treatments only require one visit to a clinic, so when a woman with thin hair visits a dedicated facility, she will leave with a full head of hair.