There are many different types of hair extensions, weaves, and wigs. As every product on the market, they are available in many different varieties. If you are looking for weaves or extensions, you have many options. The most popular choices are most closely related to the natural state of hair.

Though only a few different hair colour types are available, every hair colour has unique qualities. Finding hair that matches your natural colour is sometimes very difficult. If you want to add a layering effect or a highlight effect, a slightly different hair shade can complement your natural hair colour perfectly. However, to find a particular shade, many manufacturers process the hair to match your hair’s texture and shade.

Is Processing Bad?

The processing techniques usually change both the hair’s texture and colour. The suppliers curl or straighten the hair to different textures to match your preferred hair style. Furthermore, they also dye the hair to match a wide variety of shades. The styling and dying process is safe for temporary hair wigs or extensions

However, if you want longer lasting and more authentic hair, you should consider virgin hair. The classification of virgin has nothing to do with the hair’s origin. Instead, the term refers to hair that has not been processed.

Unlike processed wigs or extensions, virgin hair has not been dyed, straightened, permed, or otherwise altered. If you wash the hair and notice dye residue or if the hair begins to lose its colour fairly quickly, you know the product is not truly virgin.

The benefits of virgin weaves and extensions are obvious. For example, they do not leach dye onto your scalp, fade in the sunlight, or otherwise degrade as products, such as shampoo, are removed. A truly virgin product should last as long as the natural hair on your head.

Remy Hair

Furthermore, hair pieces are often more consistent if you buy virgin remy hair. Remy hair is derived from only one source and has the cuticle still intact. Hair from one source is often preferable because each strand has the same condition and colour. There will be no different idiosyncrasies that cause the hair to look odd when the light shifts.

Therefore, virgin remy hair is often the most sought-after hair. It matches the hair growing out of your head as closely as possible. Professionals use many different techniques to add hair to your head. For example, many people choose sew-in weaves, while others prefer to use wigs.

More importantly, you need to choose a quality supplier. A quality supplier can provide you with unprocessed hair that has been extracted from only one source, which is the best way to make great-looking and natural hair extensions and wigs.

Quality suppliers should provide Remy hair that last much longer than processed hair. The processing procedures tend to dry out hair and make it vulnerable to damage. Buy your hair from a great source, and it will be indistinguishable from your natural hair.