The brains behind the FDA approved procedure known as CoolSculpting are prominent scientists of Harvard University and Massachusetts General Hospital. CoolSculpting is a treatment procedure that uses a non-surgical patented cooling technique to get rid of fat cells quickly and easily. The result of the treatment shows a reduction in fat in the treated area, which in turn gives you that supermodel look.

There is always that one bit of fat on our chin or thigh or stomach that won’t just go away no matter the dieting and exercise. Well how about getting rid of this accumulated fat without having to diet or exercise, cool isn’t it?Canada MedLaser offers the most ideal solutions with its reliable CoolSculpting procedure. Well it gets even cooler, our trained medical personnel are well-versed in the latest techniques and technology to proficiently carry out this procedure in the safest manner possible and we also guarantee you mind blowing results too.

How Does CoolSculpting Work?

In a nutshell, the science of CoolSculpting uses cold temperatures to freeze fat cells, which in turn, eliminates unwanted fat cells through a process referred to as Cryolipolysis. The treated fat cell becomes frozen and then dies naturally. There are no risks of nerve or muscle damage as the cold temperature only forces the fat cells to crystallise faster.

Eventually, the treated fat cells are naturally eliminated from your body. Once your body gets rid of these dead cells, then you begin to enjoy a perfect and fit looking body. In CoolSculpting the removal of fat cells is permanent unlike dieting and exercise.

You have the chance to get rid of about 20% body fat at each CoolSculpting session, as additional sessions guarantee a much better result. CoolSculpting is an art mastered by practitioner, so sit back and let them get you back in shape.

How are Fat Cells Frozen?

  • Regardless of the dieting and exercises, some fat cells are just extremely hard to lose.
  • CoolSculpting techniques uses controlled cooling (Cryolipolysis) to precisely freeze only unwanted fat cells
  • Subsequently, the body naturally gets rid of these dead fat cells.
  • The effects of CoolSculpting are long lasting, as treated fat cells are gone for good


Natural-looking Results

After a session, the treated area will become smoother and toned over a six month period. Most of the fat cells are naturally eliminated from the body after about 2 months


CoolSculpting up until now is the only FDA approved fat freezing technology. It is developed by certified scientists at the Wellman Centre for Photo medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital

Convenient and comfortable

A typical procedure would last about an hour, amounting to about 60 minutes of your day well spent. Although you may feel a burst of cold air, the procedure still remains very comfortable, you can even get to read a book or watch a movie during the treatment.

Qualified professionals

Although the technology is fairly new, professionals handling CoolSculpting technology are well versed in the procedure.