One of the most commonly performed surgeries for the enhancement of facial features is the Rhinoplasty. It is a procedure of reshaping the nose of an individual. Through this process, one can get their nose enhanced, bridge the top of their nose, and also get proper proportions to the angle of the nose.

Certain people have breathing problem due to the structure of their nose; this problem can also be solved efficiently by undergoing rhinoplasty. Overall, rhinoplasty can be of great help in improving your look and developing more confidence in you. Let’s have a look at different facts related to this surgery and get the answers to some unanswered questions.

Who Can Get Rhinoplasty?

This type of surgery is not limited to any particular gender or ethnic group. Any person, who isn’t happy or satisfied, with the way their nose looks, can undergo this surgery. However, it is important to have a detailed consultancy session with your surgeon discussing the pros and cons of rhinoplasty and the risks associated with it prior to getting this surgery.

How is this Surgery performed?

Depending on the need and requirement of the surgery, the patient is given a local or general anesthesia for making them unconscious. The surgeon then begins with incisions at the base of the nose and inside the nostrils. After your nose has been opened, the surgeon can alter the shape of your nose as per your requirements. After the completion of the procedure, your nose skin in replaces and stitched. To keep the new shape intact while healing process, surgeons place a plastic and tape on the altered area.

How Long Will It Take To Recover?

The recovery phase after going through this surgery is a slower one. It may be a cause of discomfort in initial few days and it will take some time for you to get back to the normal routine. Some after-effects of rhinoplasty include swelling, light bleeding, bruising, and stuffiness. You can take painkillers as prescribed by your surgeon to minimize the pain.

After you have completed the recovery phase, you will be able to see a stark difference in your before and after appearances and feel more confident about you.

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