Research shows that women are never satisfied with their bodies. Either the face is too big or the back is too bent! There is a flaw that needs to be addressed in their minds of course. Amongst all the body parts that receive constant criticism, the breasts are predominantly the area of interest. Either they are sagging or lack firmness or are too small for the body! Although we live in a patriarchy and it is the men who are critical about women’s appearance, breasts enjoy the monopoly.

Even before the male gender can levy their eyes on them, they are covered or made to look good. Women do get extremely hard on them and try to pump up their busts with padded bras and other forms of cuts and push-ups. So much effort is put to make the breast size look tender and perfect.

Ways to get round breasts

Increasing demands and needs have given way to both surgical and non-surgical methods. Each method has its pros and cons and affects the breasts differently. One brings in instant gratification and makes your breasts look fuller while the other method takes time, but delivers results. The first method includes surgically enhancing your breast and gaining overnight. The second method consists of breast enlargement product that works over a period of a couple of months. Surgical methods are expensive and largely comprise of two types of implants – saline filled implants and silicone gel filled implants. The saline water is filled in silicone shells in the first type and silicone is filled in silicone shells in the second. The latter is given more weight age as it gives a feel of real breasts and does not leak unlike the former. The surgical method does involve risks including bleeding, pain, and scarring if not done right.

The other alternative to achieve fuller breasts is by resorting to pills and creams. These take time but deliver desired results within a period of three to four months. They are made of natural herbal ingredients, which fix the breast tissues and enhance the skin. Bestowed with antioxidants and hormone generating substances, the body’s libido is enhanced. With libido enhancement comes body’s flexibility and stamina with reduction premenstrual problems and mood swings.

Pros and cons of creams and pills

The major advantage of the non-surgical method of breast enhancement is the simplicity. You do not need to go under the knife to achieve the perfect amount of suppleness. Another aspect of creams and pills are the cost effectiveness of the products. They are cheap, easily available and are a complete value for money. Unlike surgery, which involves specialized doctors and proper medical arenas, these creams can be prescribed by doctors or bought over the counters.

Everything has a con and in this case, the creams and pills have their share too. The products used might provide a delay in results and may not stick to the timeline. Enlargement varies from person to person and each user will experience a different set of feel and experience. An anomaly to the pills and creams – you might end up buying fake pills that will have no effect. So choose your product wisely and enjoy the benefits.