Pearl Powder

The fresh and salt water pearls have been used as medicine from ancient times. These magical beads were crushed into fine powder and were used orally or topically for generations. The queen of Egypt, Queen Cleopatra used pearl powder in her beauty routine.

Royal children of Philippines were nourished with pearl powder, which kept their skin clear, shiny and firm. Throughout European history the royal and rich families made use of pearls for its properties of health benefits.

The vast use of pearl has been found in two Eastern cultures – the Ayurveda and the traditional Chinese medicines [TCM]. Click for more info on how to use pearls for health benefits.

Pearls role in traditional Chinese medicine

  • Skin health is crucial in TCM culture and pearl is an elite natural medicine for promoting youth.
  • It was not just used topically but is also a balancing adaptogen.
  • The luminescent powder is potent mind stabilizer and calms mood.
  • In TCM, people struggling with stress, tension and anxiety are given pearl powder as mind adaptogenic tonic.

Pearls role in Ayurveda

Ayurveda is traditional Indian medicine stream, where pearl powder is used for its adaptogenic and anti-aging benefits. It is called ‘Mukta Pishti’. It is used to calm down body heat as well as bring coolness in digestive system. It helps to balance inflammation within the body. It is an ingredient Ayurveda used in preparing aphrodisiac love potion.

What does modern science have to say about pearl powder?

Modern science validates ancient knowledge about pearls. It consists of more than 30 minerals as well as lots of copper, calcium, iron, silica, magnesium, and selenium. You can say it is organic whole food nutritional powder because all these nutrients are necessary for skin, hormones, immune system and healthy brains.

Pearls even contain amino acids and special compound called ‘Conchiolin’. It is responsible to give pearls the luster and rainbow luminescence. It is a unique protein that promotes the production of healthy collagen that offers plump and glowing skin. The effects of conchiolin are similar to keratin present in human hair and skin. It is responsible to keep skin cells hydrated, speed cell metabolism, repair damaged cells, and enhance blood circulation.

Pearl powder easily dissolves and has extremely mild flavor, so start adding it to your recipes. Enjoy the great health benefits of magical real pearls.