is when you don’ know how you got them! Everyone knows about the fact that lice are contagious, there are things that we should keep in mind to be distant with these so that we will be lice-free all the time!


As lice are super contagious, their eggs (also known as nits) are hatched after 8 to 9 days. They cannot be shaken off as they are mostly found near the scalp because they want warmth and it is near our scalp. They are as annoying as lice themselves. What can treat them is a single wash of ‘CLEARLICE’ shampoo and conditioner, and you will be amazed by the results! You can also try Clearlice’s nit comb to get rid of all the nits at once.


It is stated as the fact that lice are super contagious, they spread through sharing personal items like your comb, head scarf, your hat, your helmet, your pillow. Avoid sharing these things as there is a high chance of you getting those tiny blood sucking creatures. You can get affected in seconds after a single meet up with a lice-infected person. Lice spread for a human to human; you can share your belongings with your pets!


Now, let’s see what you can do to prevent head lice and nits. Here are some tips on what to avoid if you don’t want lice irritating you all the time.

  1. Make sure to check your hair every week or so just to be sure you don’t have any nits and lice.
  2. Always keep in mind not to share anything personal that you use on your head as this is the primary source of getting lice.
  3. Always keep your pillow separate.
  4. in a bun or a ponytail when in public, so you will have a low chance of getting lice.
  5. Always use an anti-lice shampoo or spray if you detect it. Clearlice’s anti-lice range is the best when it comes to using anti-lice products. They are made up of 100% natural ingredients and has no chemical involved thus making your hair softer and lice-free just after one wash.
  6. Use a nit comb, so you don’t have lice in the future.
  7. Last, remember to soak your combs and brushes in a warm soapy water/ medicated shampoo once or twice a month just to make sure everything you use is clean and lice-free.

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