Everyone loves to look young. When you are ageing very fast, your urge to undergo some effective hair treatments is likely to increase. India is considered to be one of the best places for a hair transplant surgery not only by the Indians but also by lots of foreigners. They travel across the borders to come here for different kinds of treatments. The main reason why the medical sector has made a huge profit recently is because of the development of a new concept of medical tourism. When the people cross borders with the intention to get treated in India, it is known as medical tourism. Moreover, these foreigners combine tourism with the plan to get treated for some medical ailments that is the secret if the success of medical tourism.

Why is India a preferred destination for treatments by foreigners?

India offers very high-quality treatment at a very low cost. Of late, medical care cost has increased many times in the foreign countries. When they get better treatments at affordable costs, foreigners flock to our country. Recently, the clinics in India has clubbed the treatment costs with touring costs wherein they provide a package that has treatment cost, accommodation cost, sightseeing costs and post-operative care clubbed together. The people in the UK and US prefer these treatments because it is 20 to 25% of the cost in these western countries. For example, for a single hair follicle transplant in India, it costs 1 to 1.5 dollars (60-75 Indian Rupees). Whereas, it will cost 5- 8 dollars in the US.

Another important reason is the clarity in communication as the Indians can speak English. Needless to talk about the doctors here, because of whom the patients from America and England are able to clearly understand the cost of their package, method of treatment Etc. It is very important for a doctor to build a trust in the minds of patients to get better results. These surgeons clearly explain the procedure of hair transplant that helps these patients to be conscious about the after effects of the surgery.

Difference between various cities for Hair Transplant Treatment in India

Even though Mumbai, Delhi is equally famous for hair transplant treatments but Hair Transplant in Ludhiana is preferred as the cost for such treatments here is a little low because of the reason that Ludhiana is not a metropolitan city. The real fact is that the Hair Transplant cost varies from patient to patient depending upon the number of grafts required, how much they have become bald, etc. It is a very good news for the people in Ludhiana that advanced FUE techniques are available at a very low cost of Rs. 30,000. The cost per graft comes to around Rs. 30-45.

Of late, Hair Transplant in Ludhiana is becoming very famous because of the highly talented surgeons available in this place. Furthermore, this city has lots of people migrating from different parts of the country in search of a job. This city has lots of government and private clinics that offer the best treatments in health care in the country. To know more about Hair Transplant in Ludhiana visit Clinicspots.com website.

There are four main Hair Transplantation Techniques in India and these are-

FUE Vs FUT: FUE is the follicular unit extraction wherein, follicles are extracted from the areas that don’t bald to be implanted in areas which are bald. The scars are not that visible if you have a huge volume of hair. This helps the bald areas to grow hair naturally even after the transplanted hair have fallen out.

Whereas FUT is the follicular unit transplant in which strands of hairs are stripped out to be transplanted to these areas that don’t have hair.

PRP: This kind of treatment is one in which the doctor takes out the patient’s blood to separate platelet-rich plasma from the blood. The platelet rich plasma is injected into the bald area to grow hair naturally.

Robotic Technology: This is also FUE technique which is done by a robot that produces best results.

Conclusion- India an attractive place for hair transplantation as high-quality treatments extended by our cosmetic surgeons make. Furthermore, our country has lots of medical professionals who have completed their medical studies in foreign universities that makes them highly eligible to handle foreign patients as well. Their capability to speak good English clubbed with their education is the hallmark that facilitates these doctors to provide effective treatments. Not only those educated outside our country but also those studied in our Indian universities showcase the high standards in treating the patients both Indians and foreigners.

As I mentioned above, Hair Transplant cost in Ludhiana is more reasonable than other cities in India and the quality of treatments is the best so visiting Ludhiana in India for the hair transplant is best.


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