We live in an exciting age for those with a keen interest in beauty and fashion products. These kinds of products have come a long way in the last few decades and the size of the market alone gives a good insight into just how popular they are.

There’s certainly no shame in wanting to make ourselves look as great as we can. Looking good makes us feel confident, and this is reflected when we’re at work, out socialising with friends and embarking on new romantic quests.

One of the main factors that affects how we feel about our appearance is the way we choose to style our hair. This is an age of individuality and expressing yourself in the way you choose, and even the most eccentric of fashion and style lovers turn heads as they walk down the street.

The only problem is, there are a hell of a lot of hair stylists to choose from and you hardly have time to go and try them all out before deciding where you’ll become a regular. This problem is only exacerbated when you live in London, one of the fashion icon cities of the world. No doubt, people from a whole range of countries automatically think about style and fashion when the word London gets thrown around.

Kensington is one of the trendier parts of London and, as such, boasts a heap of top flight hair stylists just waiting to give you the makeover that will breathe new life into your look.

With the great power of the internet comes easy ways to find great hair stylists in the Kensington area. We suggest you look for top Kensington hair salons by BookYourLifestyle.com, as this makes looking through prices and booking appointments easy.

Below are just a few of the best hair salons you can find by browsing the above website.

G & G London Hair Beauty

The first on our list of salons, displayed in no particular order, is G & G London Hair Beauty, a salon that’s right on your doorstep if you live in the Kensington area. This place really is top spec, so depending on what kind of style you are looking for, prices can vary between £25 and £250. Don’t be put off by the larger side of that scale price; you’ll certainly get what you pay for when you’re looking to stand out in a crowd with your ultra-trendy hairstyle in a city that is filled with ultra-trendy people.

You can have your style created by an art director at this establishment – what a hot topic of conversation that would be next time you dine with your friends at one of London’s top restaurants. This salon is led by Gerardo De Maio, an award-winning creative director, which should alone be enough to tell you how forward thinking and stylish this South Kensington establishment is.


Second on our list of top salons in Kensington is Jackie&Co, which is the place to be when you’re looking for stylish extensions, fancy blow dries and just about any other style requirements you’re looking for.

This experienced salon specialises in the latest hairdos for men, women and children and all its staff deliver styles to the latest and highest standards.

From Brazilian blow dries to standard cuts, you can get everything you need at this hip Kensington based salon, and right now, they’re offering huge discounts for bookings made through BookYourLifestyle.com. The discounts won’t last forever at this busy establishment, so take full advantage now if you want to bring your hair into the 21st century.


On the subject of discounts made through the aforementioned website, it makes sense for VGmedispa to go next on our list. Right now, you can get a blow dry and deep condition for less than £20, which is a complete steel from a top spec stylist located in the heart of one of London’s trendiest areas.

This chain of salons was established over 35 years ago and they’ve remained a respected top flight boutique because they stay on top of the latest beautification methods.

It’s for this reason that this salon also offers a wide range of other services that you might not find so easily at your typical hair stylists. Treatments on offer include laser hair removal, mole removal, anti-sweat treatment and LED lipolysis. If any of these modern treatments peak your interest, get a booking in now while big discounts are on offer.

Karda Beauty

Last on our list, but certainly not the least of what’s on offer, is one of South Kensington’s most well-known stylists named Karda Beauty. Get a booking through the aforementioned website and you can get big discounts on many of the services they offer. Again, the discounts won’t last forever, so beautify yourself soon while their expert services are for sale at a great price.

This is another salon that offers cuts, colours and great hair styling on top of some more modern beautification treatments that even includes teeth whitening.

They also offer an ultra-modern treatment called microdermabrasion, which is an advanced exfoliating technique in which the surface layer of dead skin cells is gently removed. This treatment reduces the appearance of fine lines, and generally encourages brighter skin complexions. Furthermore, as this kind of treatment generally requires more than just one sitting, discounts can be obtained as standard for repeat bookings.

The above is a non-exhaustive list of some of the great salons that can be found in Kensington, one of the trendier parts of the one of the trendiest cities in the world, London. Make sure you click the link above to check out a more exhaustive list, and to make bookings, ask questions and look for places in other areas if that’s what’s more suitable to your needs.