Skin Care

A beautiful skin is what every man and woman wants. And they want it for keeps at that. But how do you really keep your skin looking fresh, young, and healthy all day long? Follow these tips obtained straight from the pros and that beautiful skin will be yours soon enough.

  1. Kate Sommerville, skin care expert

If you think that cucumbers are the only ones that can be used to cool the eyes, think again. Potatoes are great alternatives too. Kate suggests that you slice a potato the same way that you would a cucumber. Then soak the slices in water for a few minutes. Place them on top of the eyes and relax the night away! The cooling and hydrating effect of the potatoes is way better than cucumbers. That’s why they’re best for use during the summer.

  1. Mary Lupo, medical doctor

To make sure that your skin is at its most beautiful state day in and out, pack up on these three essential products: sunscreen, retinoid, and antioxidants. All three will see to it that your skin looks healthy from the inside out. The best antioxidants out there are Vitamin C, grape seed extract, and flavonoids. With the right dose every day, you’ll be more confident with the skin you’re in!

  1. Danielle Browning, skin care expert

Hydrate your skin with the right type of moisturizer. Use an SPF lotion during the day and a luxurious night cream at night. Never interchange their order or use one in place of the other. Note that SPF seals the moisture from within the skin, which is why it is the best shield from the sun. Its main function is to keep the skin from drying out. But when it is used as a night cream, it is technically useless. So don’t make that mistake.

  1. Jessica Wu, medical doctor

Always take it easy on your skin, as aggression will take you nowhere. Don’t put too many different products on your skin at once. That will only lead to higher chances of your skin getting irritated. So following Dr. Wu’s advice, it is best if you get skin care treatments from the same product line. Those products work in full harmony with each other. You may not realize it, but buying individual bottles from different manufacturers may cause more harm than good.

  1. Lily Castellanos, skin care expert

Use a thick, rich cream at night to make sure that your skin gets nourished and moisturized as you sleep. Use the one that comes with the powerful gold and truffle formula the powerful gold and truffle formula. Their potent combination provides for that much-needed hydrating and brightening effect. Apply the cream at night and your face will feel silky soft in the morning. But more importantly, all those fine lines will disappear! That is how wonderful gold and truffles can work on your skin. They are all you need to keep your skin as beautiful as it can possibly be.