According to the current statistics collected from all the major developed countries around the world, it has been noted that the best healthcare systems that are designed by these nations have also become the most costly health care systems around the world. For example, in the year 2006, according to an American statistical health report, more than half of a million of the citizens of the nation that is known around the world for its health care facilities, elected the medical care procedures from abroad. This outsourcing of people from the developed nations to the developing countries with affordable yet state of art medical care facilities has been termed as Medical Tourism. Among a number of surgical procedures, plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery has been noted to be the most expensive surgical procedures around the globe. But there is a surprising yet believable scenario that has come up in this context. In this current situation one in every 6 American would refer to clinics based rhinoplasty in South Africa. This is a believable situation for plastic surgery has always been one of the major specialties among the South African surgeons and their treatment procedures are optimized to provide their clients and patients with holistic medical care.

Medical Tourism Company selection

For people travelling from abroad to South Africa for plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery or any other medical procedures, it is often recommended to research and select medical tourism agency that is trustworthy and reliable. So how do you know whether you have selected a reputable medical tourism organization for your urgent or elective surgery in South Africa? You can keep the following points in mind before you select the company to rely on for your medical trip.

  • Arrangements are responsibility of the company and not of the customer. If the company is asking you to travel to South Africa first and promising to schedule your surgeries post your arrival, you might give this company a second thought before selecting it to be your reliable shoulder to bank upon.
  • One of the key features of the medical tourism companies is that they simplify the otherwise complex procedures of medical tourism by providing the clients with list of partner hospitals, list of specialist doctors keeping the needs of the clients in mind, and also make prior accommodation and travel arrangement on behalf of the patients.
  • There is a need of analysis of the complete package being offered by the companies that are reliable according to your screening before making the final call. Often the medical tourism companies focus more on profit and money and less on the healthcare of their clients. You can easily detect this by finding out whether their package includes follow up care facilities. Follow-up care facilities are essential for patients who undergo a surgery- critical or elective- to ensure that the health of the patient is preserved and recovering. A reputable medical tourism often includes stay at the hospital post the surgery or at a hotel near the emergency care zone of the hospital which can be accessed in case required. Also there are various measures that must be taken on behalf of the patient pre- and post- surgery and are different for local and overseas patients. A reliable and efficient Medical tourism company will be transparent to you with the above information. For example for surgeries like Botox in Cape Town, the surgeons recommend the purchase and use of Anti-Embolism Stockings for the flight tenure to reduce Deep Vein Thrombosis. In case of long flight journeys, it is also recommended that the patients are able to walk around the aisle in frequent durations.
  • To ensure that your chosen company of service is genuine and their packages include all the pre- and post- operative care, you need to check whether the hospitals partnered with the company is accredited by Joint Commission International (JCI) and affiliated with Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organization.

So in case you are willing to travel to South Africa for Botox treatment or Rhinoplasty, make sure you choose the right medical tourism agent and medical tourism company that can ensure the best care pre-, post- and during the surgery.