Beauty is nothing but it’s called as physically attractive. In human body skin is the most important thing. Skin is the biggest organ in human body. The term beauty mostly measured by human organ skin. Here we going to see some tips to become more beautiful. Skin holds our bodies together. It protects and covers our human body. Skin covers about 18 to 22 square feet of the human body.

Skin contains two layers.

  1. Epidermis
  2. Dermis

Epidermis is nothing but it’s an outer layer and dermis is an inner layer of the human body. The outer layer of the skin cells are replaced by the cells in the inner layer. The inner layer (Dermis) has the nerves, hair follicles together. When we aged the cells replacing process will get slow down. Due to this our skin will get the shrinking and the glumness will go day by day.

Skin used for Protection

When we are wound or hurt, our skin will pass the signal to the brain. That message helps us to react quickly to prevent from a big injury. The most sensitive organ in our body is skin. If we are affected by fire and any sharp object skin will pass the signal to brain immediately. So skin will play a major role in covering and protection for humans.

Most of the diseases will be diagnosed too early by skin. It gives us an early warning for the diseases.

Skin used for Immune system

Vitamin D plays a major role for human immunity. Vitamin D gives us the immunity power. 90 percentage of Vitamin D is produced by skin. Skin is a natural anti-bacterial.

Skin pores will be used to remove the excessive waste from our human body like sweating.

Beauty is mostly lies on the Skin.

Basic beauty tips for Face

Every human have different kind of skin types. So it’s very important to establish the skin tone before taking any necessary beauty treatments.

Dry skin

Who are all have the dry skin they will be very uncomfortable in the winter seasons. Due to the low temperature the dry skin will be very dull and granulated sections around the mouth and forehead.

To overcome this situation, apply the moisturizer regularly. Use cotton towels or soft cloths after the shower. Do not use the hot water while on shower regularly in winter season.

Oil Skin

This kind of skin type will have most problems. Who are having this type of skin has to be maintained regularly. This kind of skin will create dullness due to the excess of oil production in the skin. Due to the oil it will create black heads, dark spots and white heads. These are all some of the general problem will occur for oily skin. To overcome this kind of skin one should have to avoid the oily and junk foods and they have to take vegetables which contain fiber and proteins. Clean the face by cold/normal water will help them to remove the oil from the skin. Smile also an important thing consider for the beauty of a human.