There are two distinct aspects to the story of vaping—the e-cigarette itself and the liquids that provide flavour and aroma for the enjoyment of this relaxing pastime. First, a bit about the e-cigarette itself. A pharmacist in China is credited with starting the industry known around the planet as vaping. Many of the early models were made to look very much like a traditional tobacco cigarette, with a different colour for the “filter” section, just as some tobacco brands had.

Use of the electronic cigarette has grown to the point that, in some countries, there are actually millions of people who vape every day. While many people may think this is just an alternative to tobacco, or a way to quit smoking, the truth is there are a lot of people around the world who enjoy vaping as a pastime or recreation.

Three Types

Within the category of e-cigs, there are basically three types, including those that look like cigarettes, as mentioned earlier. The next style or type is larger than the ones that look like cigarettes. These have tanks that can be refilled with your favourite liquid. In the last few years, many vaping enthusiasts have used mods, which are units made from separate parts, but that is a subject for another time.

The second part, as mentioned, is the e-liquid, the mixture that provides the flavour and aroma that vaping fans enjoy. As e-cig technology and design changes, the liquid technology changes as well. The Chinese pharmacist shows up again when the discussion turns to liquids for vaping. The basis of the technology seems to have been achieving adequate vaporisation so it looked like cigarette smoke and reacted in a similar way. In addition, the liquid and the vapour needed to be able to hold and deliver at least a minimum amount of nicotine.

Propylene glycol enters the picture as a great method for creating vapour and retaining nicotine. Since it has no odour or taste, manufacturers could add ingredients to get the flavours they wanted. Vegetable glycerin has become a good alternative to propylene glycol, which caused a negative reaction in some.

And Today….

With this brief look at the history of vaping’s key ingredients, it is possible to look a bit closer at the pastime today. Companies now focus entirely on the most up-to-date e-cigs and vaping equipment as well as the dozens of different liquid flavours. Some suppliers who lead the way in the field have specific categories for their liquids, including products with eye-catching names that evoke a particular time in pop culture, or those that may be attractive to the more traditional smoker.

You will also find a range of nicotine levels available in your favourite flavours. This serves to help vaping enthusiasts who do not want to eliminate nicotine completely. Look at the excellent options from leading suppliers for starter kits and vaping kits, as well as all the accessories that can make this pastime even more enjoyable. Contact a top supplier today and enjoy.