Traditional rehab centers are not effective and not worth joining as statistic reports show that there is a high percentage of patients that quickly relapse following the treatment. You should enroll into a luxury rehab center if you want to overcome your drug cravings and withdrawal effects because it provides the necessary amenities for speedy recovery. There are three types of treatment offered at the luxury rehab centers including inpatient, outpatient and a combination of inpatient and outpatient.

The advantage of inpatient rehab is that the patient gets to stay in a temptation free environment for the entire length of the treatment. They will be separated from all the people and places that provide negative influences. While staying at the rehab, they will not be allowed to take the drug or drink alcohol as they used to. They are required to follow a strict schedule that is designed to help them recover faster The luxury rehabilitation center is filled with many scenic spots where the patients can go strolling in their own time to take their mind off all their problems. There are a lot of state-of-the-art recreational facilities that the patients can use at any time as in a high class resort.

When you are at the rehab, you will be served a balanced breakfast, lunch, dinners and suppers. Many addicts skipped their meals due to the lack of appetite following the consumption of the drugs. This caused their bodies to be lack of important nutrients which are essential for fast recovery from their addiction. You will have the opportunity to develop good eating habits and you will eat your meal at the right time during the time you stay at the rehab. Gourmet meals made from fresh and nutritious ingredients will be served to the patients to ensure that they have an enjoyable stay.

You will enjoy full privacy in your own private room at the luxury rehab. You will be able to develop good sleeping habit and have restful sleep every night contrary to the days when you use drugs and staying awake for most of time in the night. Not getting enough sleep is the reason why many addicts become thin.

Luxury rehab centers are suitable for business executives who constantly have to get in touch with their employees during their treatment. At the rehab center, you can access Wi-Fi on your laptop or tablet devices. Outpatient rehab facility is suitable for people with less serious addiction problem. You will attend meeting for at least 10 hours every week at the rehab facility. Outpatient treatment is suitable for addicts who have personal commitments to fulfill and friends and family who support them.

Many luxury rehab provides individual therapy and access to support group following successful completion of the treatment. Individual therapy is useful for treating mental health problems that reoccur every now and then so that you can stay sober. You will also be provided access to the local support groups where you will get inspiration and emotional support when necessary.

If you have a serious addiction problem, you should take part in a longer rehab program. Rehab programs that last for 28 – 30 days may not be effective. If you don’t see result in a short term treatment that last for one month, you can extend the treatment to 60 days, 90 days, 6 months or more. The longer the treatment last and the more intensive it is, the higher the chance of success will be for the drug addict patient. The cost vary across different luxury rehab centers with the cheapest starting around $7,500 per month up to the most high end facility that charge more than one hundred thousands dollars per month. When choosing a rehab, make sure you consider the cost and your budget.

The rehab should be equipped with a team of medical staff and therapists that hold valid certifications and license. You should choose a rehab equipped with professionally trained therapist experienced in dealing in your type of addiction. You should get referrals on a few luxury rehabs and call each of them to ask for more information.