If you have ever purchased a self-tanning product and attempted to apply it to your own skin, you may have sworn off tanning altogether! The same may even be true if you went to a salon for a spray tan and had the tanning solution applied by a machine. The first thing to know about getting a natural looking sunkissed tan that doesn’t look like a spray tan is to choose the salon carefully. The best spray tan is the one that comes from skilled and experienced technicians who use handheld spray guns to apply the tanning solution for a custom tan. Customers find that the skilled technicians at Gotham Glow make getting the perfect tan fast, easy, and addictive.

Once you have found the perfect tanning salon, there are some steps you can take to improve your experience and extend the life of your spray tan.

Perfect Sunkissed Tan

  • Just tell the technician that you want the perfect sunkissed tan for you. They will know how to match the solution to your complexion for a color that enhances your natural beauty, not a brassy, uber bronzy color that looks more appropriate on a statue.
  • Decide in advance whether you want to tan in the nude and avoid tan lines or wear a bathing suit or disposable thong.
  • If you are getting tanned for a special event such as a wedding, schedule an appointment for a tan in advance to make sure you get the perfect color when the event rolls around.
  • Exfoliate skin prior to appointment and do not apply oils to your skin that will prevent the solution from being absorbed.
  • If you are planning to have any area of your body waxed, do so before going to the salon. Also, do any facials, manicures, and pedicures prior to the appointment.
  • Arrive at the salon with clean skin sans moisturizer, ois, sunscreen, deodorant, and makeup. You will also need to wait until after the tan has developed to re-apply makeup. Can’t stand to be out in public without your makeup? Schedule a mobile tan and have the sunkissed tan sprayed on in the privacy of your own home. Also, consider an express tan that requires a shorter processing time before showering and re-applying makeup.
  • Bring dark colored, loose fitting clothing to wear after the spray tan.
  • Follow the directions about when to shower to ensure the tanning solution dries and processes thoroughly. Depending on whether you get an express tan or a classic tan, the time will vary between four hours and eight hours.
  • Don’t leave the salon and head to the gym for your workout. Sweat can lead to streaks.
  • Stay out of chlorinated water throughout the duration of the spray tan. If you get in chlorine or salt water, make plans to rinse sooner than later followed with an oil free moisturizer. Chlorine and salt dry out the surface of your skin, which is your tan. This can cause irregular flaking or unwanted streaking.
  • Avoid shaving tanned skin as this is another form of exfoliation that removes the tan. It’s best to wait until the day you really want to show off your tan. Always use a mild soap and light pressure. Razors with gelatinous glide strips, oils creams, and Dove soap are not recommended.

Even with the best of care, you can’t expect your sunkissed tan to last forever. But with a little effort, you can get the most out of your tan and get the most natural looking results that you want.