If your kitchen does not have a raw fruit basket or you are not including vegetables in your daily diet, you are simply ignoring a healthy diet that can lead to a healthy lifestyle. Fruits and vegetables have been in the human diet since forever. Over the years, man has learned how to make it alluring to the taste buds by freezing, cooking or raw preparation, but in any form suitable, they have been an integral part of our diet.

Following are some of the most amazing facts about fruits and vegetables that will surely help you while you browse an online grocery store for shopping:

1) In every form, fruits and vegetables are extremely nutritious

So next time if someone tells you that your frozen fruits are not nutritious, you can simply ignore it. As per the research done by FDA, it has been proved that the nutrition lost in the process of freezing is almost negligible.

2) An abundance of fibers in present in fruits and vegetables

Fibers are essential for a healthy and regular bowel movement. This is only a prime benefit. In addition, fibers help in lowering the cholesterol level and regulate the blood sugar level. It also makes you feel fuller leading to less consumption of food and promoting a healthy weight loss. Make sure you are getting a handful on askme grocery next time.

3) The skin of fruits and vegetables are rich in nutrients

Many of us like to peel away the skin of fruits and vegetables before consuming them raw or cooking them. The most common example would be carrots, apples and cucumbers. For some people, the skin of fruits ruins the taste, but if you can adjust to the taste with skin, you can actually gain a lot of extra nutrients. In addition, we just talked about fibers and we would like to add that the skin contains high fiber content.

4) If you are eating a lot of fruits and vegetables to gain weight, you will get nowhere

This is because fruits and vegetables possess very few calories. If you have ever been to a professional, he/ she will always ask you to consume fruits as snack. Eating two pounds of vegetables will merely add 300 calories. Therefore, you will have to consume a lot more vegetables and fruits than you can imagine for the calories to stack up.

5) Your health is however promoted immensely

You must have heard it a lot; it must have begun right in your childhood – “Fruits and vegetables make you healthy and prevent diseases.” Well there is no reason for us to deny that. In all the points discussed above, we have already stated that high fiber content helps in a regular bowel movement and reduces cholesterol. It prevents weight gain and keeps you away from the junk and sugary food, ultimately reducing the chances of diabetes. Therefore, it is high time you head over to an online grocery store, buy yourself a handful of fruits and vegetables and embrace a good health.