Are you afraid of combing your hair? Or combing the hair is like a nightmare for you. Everybody speaks about hair loss and also about hair fall. Hair is made of protein filament called as keratin. Hair almost grows everywhere in the body except on our palms and feets. Hairs are the strings of dead cells. Adult has about 100000 – 150000 hair on the scalp. Human being is more likely to shed 100 hair strands per day. If proper care is not taken about the hair fall, it may lead to bald patches on your head. But are you aware that there are many different types of hair loss. Brief discussion on its type is described in this article.

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What are the different types of hair loss?

  • Involutional alopecia
  • As you age the rate of your hair growth slows down. Thickness and volume reduces. This type of hair loss is called as involutional alopecia. In these hair follicles tends to go in resting phase. Rest of the hair becomes shorter and few in number, sometimes the condition is so worst that then tend to break it becomes brittle
  • Telogen effluvium
  • After going through the phase such as child birth, fever, severe illness, stress or sudden drastic weight during all these factors a person may experience temporary hair loss till weeks to months. This is called as telogen effluvium. This occurs because of the changes of hair growth cycle.
  • Male and female pattern baldness
  • If you are male and your hair is disappearing from the crown area, then there are chances of suffering from androgenic alopecia. You may get bald in your early 20’s in this condition. Men suffering with androgenic alopecia may have other baldness pattern like they may lose their hair on the top of scalp and they recede their hairline along the temples. The pattern begins at the hairline and forms the M shape, slowly and gradually hair starts getting finer and thinner which results in U shape on the sides of the head. A follicle producing healthy hair starts thinning; it gets shorter and more brittle. It is a predisposed condition that affects men as well as women
  • If you are a female suffering with common thinning over the entire scalp, and extensive hair loss in the crown area with your hair line in the front, then you are surely suffering from female pattern baldness. The part of your scalp may get wider with time. As hair thinning takes place the scalp becomes more visible to others. You may experience thinning of hair in your early 20’s but you may not experience noticeable hair thinning in 40’s because the pace of hair loss becomes gradual.
  • Patchy hair loss
  • If you have a baby or a young adult, if they are having smooth round patches of hair loss on their scalp then there is question to worry about because they might be suffering from alopecia areata or often called as patchy hair loss. These patches are also visible in their eyebrows, arms, legs or on their face. There is nothing great to worry about because the hair grows back in the affected area in a year or 6 months. When hair grows back in the same affected area, there are chances that other area may have the same situation. In some cases the hair grows back but the hair might grow very thin without any patches. Whereas, hair may grow and break off in other condition. This kind of disorder is generally considered as autoimmune condition, in which hair follicles are attacked by their own body. Moreover, in alopecia totalis entire scalp goes bald.

Getting bald can create a big change in your life. You might not accept your identity so easily. You should seek a counselor if you feel your confidence is getting low, or if you are moving towards depression, or any other emotional problem. There is no way to prevent baldness except hair transplant. A theory states that stress is the main factor that contributes towards hair loss by increasing high amount of sex level of hormones in the body. You can release your stress by listening to calm music, walking and many more relaxing activities. Well to conclude if you see any of the above type of hair loss it is always recommended to visit hair specialist and get examined your affected scalp.

Know the different types of hair loss