We are going to talk a little bit about tummy tucks, or medically known as Abdominoplasty. There are some questions which can be appearing in someone’s mind, who is undergoing tummy tuck surgery and we have discussed the answers to those questions. If you have similar questions then

Who are the best candidates for the Tummy Tuck?

Probably the best candidates are patients who are relatively fit, take pretty good care of themselves, and just have extra skin in the area below the belly button for the most part these are patients who have gone through prior pregnancy, they are finished having kids, and they’ve lost the post pregnancy weight, and some of their skin has come back, but there’s a small portion underneath the belly button that just won’t go away. There’s also a second population of patients which are post-bariatric patients who are patients, who have lost a lot of weight either through a gastric bypass or just through diet and exercise alone.

Both these populations of patients you have oftentimes extra skin hanging underneath the belly button. So, there are some popular misconceptions about tummy tucks some people often feel that the tummy tuck is really done to get rid of extra weight and fat in the abdominal area, and that’s actually not really what it’s for. It’s really more of a skin operation rather than a fat operation. Let’s talk a little about the operative details, so the tummy tuck operation usually lasts about three hours. There are some variations from patient to patient, depending on their size and what they’re looking for.

Will I have my same belly button or will I get a new belly button?

Surgeons will make a new little opening or like a new window for the belly button to poke out of, so patients will keep their own belly button, it just has a new window for it to come out of and be exposed to the outside world. In terms of post-op recovery, most patients after the tummy tuck operation do have a lot of dressings they put a compression garment or an abdominal binder over the area of the tummy tuck and the idea is really to give a little bit more support and push things into place so that they can kind of heal well together during the operation,

What is the Recovery Time?

The majority of patients who work a desk job, which seems to be the majority of people these days, say most of them go back to work right around the two week mark. Some go back earlier, some go back later, but that’s a pretty good time frame to keep in mind in terms of going back to the gym, doing all sorts of physical activity. The Best Tummy Tuck Surgeon in India says really about the six week mark is often times, for most patients, when they can go back to that again, patients pretty frequently after Abdominoplasty so that surgeons can monitor the healing, make sure there are no problems, and for small issues address them early on.