A raspberry scientifically also known as Rubus rosaceae has wide range of bioactive compounds and nutrients, which include minerals, vitamins, amino acids and flavonoids. Basically, these compounds are helpful in decreasing the risk of inhibit cancer cells and cardiovascular disease.

One important compound present in this berry is called raspberry ketone. This component provides the fruit its aromatic fragrance. Originally, raspberry ketone is used for enhancing flavor or adding coloring to various foods. Nowadays, it has become a popular component of weight loss steroids and is sold in concentrated forms.

About It

Though the concept of Raspberry Ketones is quite old, its use in fat loss supplements is rather a recent one. In the year 2012, it was found in Dr. Oz’s television show that a chemical found in raspberry ketone is helpful in fat loss. You can refer to this link to know more about Raspberry Ketone.

It improves body’s metabolism and assists in reducing fat at a faster rate. There are few natural substances in this berry, which gives aroma and flavor to raspberry. The same substances are helpful in promoting fat loss.

These fat loss substances aren’t only present in raw foods, but are also found in processed foods such as ice cream and soft drinks. Various studies have tried explaining effects of raspberry ketones and as per one such study, raspberry ketone is actually similar to capsaicin. It is worth mentioning here that capsaicin is a chemical found in chili peppers and this same chemical provides  peppers the required heat.

Capsaicin helps boosting metabolism of the body, thereby burning up excess belly fat in the body. If you also want to take this steroid, it’s better to discuss with your doctor so that you can be sure of its suitability for you.

Results of Raspberry Ketone

While looking for a product, it is imperative to know about its ingredients. This is particularly important for food items. Taking higher dose can lead to negative effects on user’s body.

Always make sure to read the product reviews before purchasing anything, particularly food items. You can consider referring to online websites which mention user’s reviews related products. However, an important point to note here is that some websites are promotion and marketing based and such websites mention only good things about marketed goods. You should strictly refrain from visiting such websites.


Hope this guide will help you with relevant information related to Raspberry ketone.