No one can completely escape the effects of aging, but there are many things seniors can do to increase their well-being. Making an effort to live as healthily as possible will allow you to enjoy your golden years. For seniors looking to stay in great shape as they get older, the following five health tips will prove invaluable.

1. Exercise

The need for physical activity becomes increasingly important as you get older. If you do not get regular physical activity in, your risk of developing serious diseases becomes greater. You will also lose a tremendous amount of bone density and muscle mass every year if you do not engage in regular strength training. Try to get in at least 150 minutes of moderate cardiovascular activity in every week as well as two or three strength training sessions. When your mobility stays good as you get older, you will be glad you took care of yourself with regular exercise.

2. Get Plenty of Rest

Many people think they need less sleep when they get older. That is not true. You still need to get 7 to 9 hours of sleep every 24 hours. It just may be trickier to do it. Insomnia is not an uncommon issue for seniors. If you have trouble getting the sleep you need at night, the afternoon nap is your ticket to good health and a sunnier disposition.

3. Prevent Falls

When you are a senior citizen, one of your greatest enemies becomes the broken hip. Once you break your hip as a senior, that’s it. Your mobility will be permanently affected. That makes it crucial for seniors to prevent falls at all costs. Make sure you have handrails and nonslip mats installed in all your tubs and showers. You may want to get a lift chair installed. Keep your floor free of clutter and trip hazards. Also, be sure to always wear sensible shoes so you can remain upright as you move around. Staying active is a key component of preventing falls for seniors.

4. Eat Well

A loss of appetite often accompanies old age. On the other hand, some seniors eat too much and put themselves at risk due to obesity. To stay healthy, you need to eat healthy. Avoid the sugary foods and beverages. Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Avoid red meat and stick to lean, healthy proteins like eggs and chicken. When you eat right, you will have the energy to stay active and feel great.

5. Reduce Stress

Just because you are retired, it doesn’t mean your life is stress-free. Stress is one of the worst things for your health. In order to stay healthy as you get older, you need to add stress-relieving activities to your routine. Good examples of stress-busting activities include yoga, meditation and exercise.

Being healthy is not rocket science. It is just common sense. Eat right, exercise and get plenty of rest. You have been hearing these things for decades. Make sure to follow these tips if you want to stay healthy as you get older.