As more people become addicted to the use of drugs there is a greater demand for effective and professional rehab clinics to deal with the addicts and help them to recover.  A full recovery is possible if you use a Delray beach rehab clinic; there are several reasons why this approach has been found to be so successful.

The Setting

One of the most important factors to influence a full recovery is the setting you find yourself in.  A Delray beach rehab clinic has all the right ingredients.  The setting is idyllic and the calmness of the beach and the ocean will help to calm you as you recover and go through the withdrawal process.  The setting is also remote enough to be well away from the normal processes in your life.  This is important as the pressures of everyday life are what have brought you to become addicted.  These pressures will still be there when you return.  However, the combination of a peaceful setting and professional care in a Delray beach rehab clinic will enable you to escape the addiction and have the fortitude of mind to stay away from the drug in the future.

Understanding the Process.

Drug addiction of any sort can start very easily.  It is possible to become addicted to painkillers after an injury or an accident.  This addiction is simply the need for painkillers to relieve the pain in order for you to function correctly.  In many cases you will not even realize that you are addicted.

The next stage is when the painkillers can no longer offer the desired effect and your pain starts to feel unbearable.  This is when you will start to look for an alternative and will often be the start of the journey into harder drugs; which are not necessarily legal.

This is not the only path into addiction; environmental factors and social status can also play a large part. Heroin is one drug that can easily be accessed and is highly addictive.  Taking it just a few times will be enough for you to become addicted and struggle to break free of its hold.  Heroin works by altering the chemicals in your brain.  The result is an almost instant high; followed by a crash which can last several hours.  This is the comedown stage and will, leave you feeling sleepy and capable of very little.  At the end of this stage the craving will start to obtain another hit.

Heroin Withdrawal Timeline

Fortunately the heroin withdrawal timeline is fairly short.  Once you have admitted the issue and checked into the Delray beach rehab clinic you will be deprived of heroin.  Your body will crave it within four to twelve hours and you will start to experience and display withdrawal symptoms.  To counteract this, the clinic will use an opioid such as methadone or Suboxone.  This will help to relieve the symptoms of withdrawal by providing a smaller high.  The amount of this replacement drug will be slowly reduced to remove your dependency.

If you were to simply cut the supply of heroin you should be addiction free within ten days, using the drug can take up to a month but is a much safer approach.