Mother is the person who cares about you from the time when you are born. There are various suggestions that are followed by the parents regarding the feeding, soothing and taking care of the first 30 days in the home. The feeding schedule of the new born is somehow unpredictable. Here are some of the tips that are appropriate for the first time mothers on how to feed the new born. Some of the mothers may think that feeding the new born is quite difficult and they take suggestions from the child specialists.

Feeding the newborn is a commitment. It is a chance to make a strong bond with the smallest and the newest member of the family. Always, breast feeding is the ideal food for the babies. There are certain exceptions as well. If giving the breast milk is not possible, you can use the infant formula. We all know that healthy newborns do not drink water, fruit juice or any other type of fluids.

Most of the newborns require 8-12 times feeding each day. You have to give the food after each 2-3 hours. You can check the early signs of hunger of the small infant. Some of the symptoms include stirring, sucking motions, lip movements and stretching. Constant fussing and crying are some of the later cues. The earlier you begin to feed the baby, you will less likely to soothe the frantic child.

When the baby stops sucking and then close his or her eyes and mouth, turns the face from the nipple. This means that he or she has completed his or her feeding or at times it means that he or she is taking the break. You can try burping the baby or wait for some time before you offer breast or the bottle again.

A vitamin supplement is also important. You can ask the doctor to provide vitamin D supplement for the baby, mainly at the time of breast feeding. Try to avoid the food ingredients that cause food poisoning in kids. Baby’s body require vitamin D and phosphorous. While you are feeding your infant, you will notice certain changes during the feeding. Make a strong bonding with your infant while feeding her or him. If you want to know more, visit the site of and the blogs of Katherine.