Unwanted hair growth is a serious problem that we all want to deal with. However, frequent hair removal is not always a possibility with the traditional hair removal processes. But, the advancement of medical science has given rise to many technologies that will help in getting rid of the unwanted hair permanently. The Electrolysis hair removal is one such technique.

In this process, a very fine probe is inserted right into the hair follicles. With the heat energy and chemical energy, this probe permanently removes the hair. But, there are some myths associated with this hair removal technique that often mislead the people. Here are the three major myths about Electrolysis hair removal that you need to know.

Myth 1: Electrolysis is painful:

This is absolutely not the case. There is no discomfort as such, when the procedure is conducted. The only mild sensation that is felt during the Electrolysis process is a tingling sensation. To reduce this sensation, a topical anaesthetic cream is used in some case of this procedure. In most cases, the tingling feeling goes away as soon as the process is stopped.

Myth 2: Electrolysis method is not permanent:

There are many people, who think that the Electrolysis method or the laser hair removal London technique is not a permanent one, but a temporary one. However, this is not the fact. The medical fraternities and the registered medical councils and associations approve of Electrolysis as the only permanent hair removal method that one can go for. All other equipment and techniques such as the Electric Tweezers and others are banned in some places as they claim to provide a permanent hair removal, but in reality do not provide so.

Myth 3: Temporary hair removals are better:

The strong misconception regarding the traditional hair removal methods is that they are better than the Electrolysis method. However, this is absolutely untrue. The traditional methods, such as chemical based hair removal creams, contain harsh chemicals that have a very bad effect on the skin. They darken the skin and the dark patches never go away.

The common technique of bleaching the unwanted body hair, especially the ones that appear on the facial skin or back and arms, has a very bad impact on the skin. Not only does it fail to hide the unwanted hair, but the harsh chemicals with bleaching properties have a very harmful impact on the skin. Even techniques like waxing can be very painful and time consuming.

Hence, it can well be said that the Electrolysis hair removal process is one of the most trusted procedures of unwanted hair removal and that too permanently. The myths that are available in the market regarding this permanent and trusted hair removal method are discussed here. Now that you have understood that none of these myths have any trustworthy basis, it is a must that you get rid of the misconceptions and choose the best hair removal clinics for the removal of the unwanted hair from different parts of the body