Choosing the best vape juice is a bit tricky since there are different types of vape juices available everywhere. What you need to know first is, what are the exact contents used to make vape juice. For example: the amount of PG/VG ratio, levels of nicotine and different flavors.

There are different flavors like the candy flavor, baked flavor, tobacco flavor, mint flavor and many more and it is totally upto you, which flavor you, want to try. You can easily buy the vaping devices online. However, Mike Vapes eJuice is one of the best and pocket friendly eJuice that you can easily afford. To get an idea about which one you should order first, you need to know its ingredients.

Different brands provide different levels of nicotine from where you need to choose which level you would want. The level of nicotine will be a personal choice as only you would know how much of nicotine you would intake. Vaping helps a lot of people to reduce their nicotine intake as they can choose their preferred level of nicotine which is impossible when it comes to regular cigarettes.

PG/VG are the base for every type of vaping juices, however they may contain different ratios and has few differences even though they both serve the same purpose. However, to know which one is your type of juice, you need to know these differences.

  • PG helps in keeping your vape machine clean as it doesn’t stick to the device. However, VG acts opposite to it, which means more amount of VG is equal to more effort to clean it.
  • PG helps in enhancing the flavor of your juice. However, VG has a sweet taste. So if you like candy flavor, you can go for more VG than PG in your vape juice.
  • PG hits the throat more than VG and so it is suggested to set your ratios accordingly if you have allergy, since VG is slightly better for people with allergic problems.
  • PG doesn’t help in making huge clouds which is very fascinating for youth these days. However, VG helps in making big clouds and so people who prefer to make clouds, usually want more amount of VG than PG.

I hope by now you know which vape juice will be suitable for you. So, order your vape juice and enjoy it with less harm to your body.