One of the things you need to clear up with your business catering service is that you need to provide healthy options for your employees. A lot of people think that all people need to operate is coffee and some snacks. However, proper nutrition is an essential part of being healthy and productive.

If you want to know all the reasons why you should be serving healthy food to your employees, here are some reasons why.

Disease Prevention

One of the big things that healthy eating can do is to improve your employee’s immune system. A doughnut or cupcake can be a nice treat but it doesn’t help keep the doctor away. Give them fruits rich in vitamins to ensure that they build a body that is fit to resist the daily diseases the plague a lot of workers.

Healthy Body

Part of disease prevention is to help avoid the various conditions that come up when a body breaks down. This ranges from clogged arteries to diabetes. Most of the time, people eat at work hoping to get that boost both in mood and energy. This means fats, sugars, salt, and other unhealthy stuff that can be bad when taken in large amounts.

It doesn’t even have to be intrusive. When people think of health foods, salads are what comes up. However, choosing white meat over red meats can already change the fat content of a meal without degrading the taste. Healthy alternatives prepared by pros can be just as delicious as the original.

Brain and Body Boost

Let’s be honest, the sugar rush that people get from doughnuts and other treats is a just a temporary high. Unless they keep on feeding sugar into the body, it will eventually crash and there goes a person’s production for the rest of the day. A lot of people just exist on caffeine and sugar to get the job done but in the long run, this is not productive.

This is why a more balanced and healthy snack bar can be useful. That piece of fruit, whether it’s a banana or an orange, may have sugar – but it’s not too much. Plus, alongside the sugar, they get vitamins and minerals that can ensure a worker is productive.

Better Sleep and Attitude

Another benefit of healthy breakroom catering is that it improves their ability to sleep and their attitude. Fat and sugar key a person up – even long after they are consumed. This is what ruins a lot of people’s sleep patterns. Get into more healthy levels and your body will be able to sleep peacefully.

Additionally, your body responds negatively if it is missing any nutrients. This is where all the crabby and negative emotions come from. Your body is craving something but it is not getting it. A balanced diet ensures that your employees are relaxed and in a better mood.

You Are What You Eat

Start improving your employee’s lives in the breakroom – give them healthy options for snacking and eating!

Saint Germain Catering believes excellent food, brings excellent results. We’ve been into business catering for years now and our satisfied customers are proof that happy taste buds, help the bottom line.