The human being is a very complex organism, made up of a myriad of systems which are inter-dependent on each other. In order to live as healthily as you possibly can, you will have to understand each of these systems, and the pillar upon which their efficient and healthy functioning rests. There are three major systems in a human being, under which all other systems can be classified, they are:
1. The Mind
2. The Body
3. The Soul
In order to maintain a healthy mind and soul, in a healthy body, the following 5 pillars upon which their smooth and trouble-free existence relies on, must be individually worked on, and then properly maintained.

1. Eat Healthily
A balanced diet is very important in any human being’s life. Many cultures have certain foods that they are used to consuming, as a result of their history and the availability of foods in their region. In the majority of cultures anyway, the diets are not balanced, and thus they lack important nutrients. These lacks of nutrients end up causing one deficiency or another, thereby opening up the individual to disease. Eating the wrong foods can also lead to obesity, which is another debilitating disease on its own.

In order to eat healthily, a balanced diet made up of carbohydrates, proteins and a wide variety of vegetables and fruits, should be consumed on a daily basis. Overweight people definitely need to lose weight, because every human being should maintain a healthy weight to height ratio. Losing weight could become challenging as you gain it over the years, especially losing the lower belly fat.

2. Live Actively
The human body is meant to be utilized. Active living implies walking many hundreds of steps at least, daily. It also implies engaging in physical activities like sports, manual labor, or other physically demanding activities. In fact, anything that necessitates the use of your muscles, is good for you. The problem is that modern life has ridden people of the opportunities for an active lifestyle, with the invention of cars, the office cubicle and telecommunications, etc. To counter these negative effects of modernization, exercise was also invented. If you are living actively every day, then you don’t need extra exercise, else you will need to exercise daily.

3. Sleep Well
Sleep is another very important pillar without which any human being will quickly fall apart. Not only is sleeping important, but the sleep has to be adequately long and deep. In order to achieve this, you will have to keep your sleep schedule as regular as possible. Then you will also have to keep your sleep environment as free from noise and light, as possible. The human system needs the sleep process for physical, as well as emotional rejuvenation, and also to solve problems and achieve mental clarity.

4. Reach Out
Man is not an island unto himself. Every person has an underlying need for human interaction, to reach out to others, and to be also touched by others. Socialization is the foundation upon which civilization is built. Without social abilities, any human being is crippled, both emotionally and mentally. Socialization is the celebration of life, and without it, you are as good as dead.

5. Find a Purpose
If you lack a life purpose, then your days will be boring, unsatisfying and hopeless. You will not find the energy to engage in any worthwhile activity, neither will you have the willpower to try anything new. A certain feeling of deep satisfaction will be lacking in your life, and though you may spend money and engage in many activities, in order to find happiness, you will always feel that lack of deep satisfaction. That is because you have no life purpose, a long-term goal, something you are willing to work on for years to come.

A life purpose gives your life meaning, it floods your body with energy to wake up and face every new day, it gives you happiness, and moreover that deep, satisfying feeling of knowing that you can be a visionary, one who can break away from common idealisms and plan and work into the future.


Surely, there are more areas to work on in your life, but these are the five major areas that your system depends on for optimal health. These are the five pillars. It will be overwhelming to focus on all five at once, so a step by step approach will definitely be more beneficial to you. Simply focus on one pillar for as many days, or weeks, as it takes you to master it, then move on to the next. Before long, you will be positively surprised at the new changes in your life.