Being pregnant is undoubtedly the best experience that any woman on Earth can have. The very word ‘pregnant’ can be really exciting for the entire family and more for the woman carrying the fetus. She might be eager to compete her full nine month pregnancy period, deliver the child and hold it in her hands, caring and loving it. But during the pregnancy stage, there might however be experienced related pains and aches, which at times could become unbearable, thus making pregnancy a real trying time for the expectant mother. She is likely to undergo plenty of stress during this period, which could be both physical and mental. Hence, it becomes essential on her part to make regular visits to the physician to ensure that she gets relief from the pain and does not undertake any unnecessary action which might otherwise harm the fetus.

Things to know

The belly region can be extremely tender at this point of time. This is because of the expanding uterus. Even though, it might pose to be a real big concern at the early stage, the pain however, can become unbearable, especially by the pregnancy’s 20th week.

Also is noticed increased vaginal secretion at the time of pregnancy. It is stated to be a condition, which results in increased leucorrhea secretion or odorless whitish/clear discharge. If the secretion color is found to be white or clear, then there is nothing to worry about. However, it will be necessary to watch out if the discharge turns to greenish yellow color and emits some foul smell. The reason is because, according to medical experts, it is not normal and has to be checked up with the physician without any delay. If pain or soreness is experienced in the vaginal area, then the physician is to be alerted about the same. Pregnancy medicine list prescribed by the physician, being handy can prove to be useful to provide relief.

Know the issues and treatment

  • With pregnancy there will be experienced changes in the hormonal functioning. The soles of the feet and palms of the hands are likely to turn reddish. If they do, then the person is experiencing palmer erythyma, which is caused due to pregnancy related hormonal changes. Usually, it is not treated as the condition tends to disappear once delivery of the baby is completed.
  • The other issue which is faced by pregnant women is skin tags. They are said to develop as the skin starts to rub itself with the cloth or the skin.
  • Phylogenic granulomas might be experienced by few pregnant women. They are regarded as tumor developments present within the gums and can be non-cancerous. Hence, they can be termed to be harmless. This condition might disappear similar to palmer erythma after birth and may not require any treatment.
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome involving nerves present in the wrist could occur during pregnancy. For getting relief from the syndrome, the affected hand is to be elevated or plastic splint placed at night while going to bed. This also disappears after giving birth, by its own.

The well known physician can identify the issues faced by the expectant mother and offer medicine for pregnancy to provide relief.