By breathing we move air into and out of our lungs in order to get some oxygen and flushing carbon dioxide. Our breathing consists of cycles of inhalation and exhalation, and to be able to move your respiratory system correctly your lungs have to be in perfect condition. Many people find difficulty in breathing due to multiple causes: allergies, obstructions, past injuries. The first harmful action for breathing is smoking.

Why Smoking Affects The Lungs
Smoking enlarges the cell that are in charge of producing the mucus in your lungs, so the more time you smoke, the more and thicker mucus you will have. The presence of too much of this can make breathing difficult. It can stay in the airways and deter the air from flowing smoothly.
Natural defenses lower while smoking and therefore you are more exposed to flu and pneumonia. These diseases can weaken your lungs, and they find it harder with time to function properly

Evil Tar
Tar is the name for the tobacco residues that are deposited in the lungs of a smoker. Many videos all over the internet show, by using plastic bottles and water, how smoking leaves residues when it is consumed.

Tar is accumulated in the lungs and causes terrible damage to the respiratory system. It covers the cilia and causes them to stop working and eventually die. This is the main cause of lung cancer since the toxic particles of tobacco are not trapped by the cilia anymore, and they go directly to more delicate areas of the lungs such as the alveoli.

Vaping Alternatives
Nowadays there are many different ways of quitting smoking. Patches, pills, candies, and e-cigarettes are the ones that top the list of “how to quit” smoking items. Electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes are electronic devices that use nicotine composed liquid to produce vapor, this vapor is then inhaled and exhaled by the user creating the sensation of smoking.

The benefits of using tobacco e-juice instead of regular cigarettes rely on the possibility of getting rid of the harmful effects of residues and therefore tar. Since what goes into and out of the lungs is no longer the smoke but the vapor, the harmful effects caused by the toxic smoke are no longer present.

Benefits of quitting smoking
Smoking is linked to 90% of the cases of lung cancer. By quitting this harmful habit, you are reducing the chances of getting lung cancer enormously. Another important benefits of quitting are that you are not the only who will benefit, everyone around you will. This is because second-hand smoke is also hazardous and if you don’t smoke anymore, the people surrounding you will also stop receiving harmful second-hand smoke.

Not smoking is also great for other parts of the body besides the lungs. Your whole body is going to start receiving more oxygen from your lungs and therefore will start functioning properly. Your skin will also stop receiving toxic chemicals and can start renewing itself to be smoother and shinier. Your mouth will stop smelling, bad breath is one of the common characteristics of smokers.

Cancer and smoking
Cancer, specifically lung cancer, is directly connected to smoking. The toxicity of the smokes inhaled damage the respiratory system in many ways, and that alters the breathing process and introduces harmful chemicals into the bloodstream.

Mouth, larynx, and pharynx cancer have also been linked to smoking by the U.S Surgeon General of the National Institute of Health Report. Besides cancer, other diseases such as bronchitis are directly connected to smoking.

How to stop smoking
There is no specific method to stop smoking. Many people have successfully stopped smoking out of a sudden burst of inspiration and determination. Others prefer to reduce the number of cigarettes per day until they finally reach zero and are O.K without it.

Some other alternatives include e-cigarettes since they provide the nicotine dose without the harmful effects of the smoke. Some people use nicotine patches to avoid the withdrawal effects and therefore resist the temptation of having a smoke.

What seems to be decisive in the willingness to stop smoking is perseverance. It can take a while, but it will definitively be worthy.