The overall health is important but the eyes are like the look into the mirror of the person’s soul. At least that’s what they say. We care about our teeth by brushing and flossing daily, we wash our hair with special shampoos, but what do we do for the most important of the senses – the eye?

Basically nothing! There’s nothing we can do to maintain normal hygiene of the eye as it is formed to take care of itself. This is why we rarely understand that we have a problem. We’re used to seeing with it, but we’re not aware if it needs help. In this article, we’ll talk about the reasons why it is important to see an optometrist or an ophthalmologist from time to time. Learn more about the human sense for seeing on this link.

1. Check your previous prescription

If you’re a person that wears lenses or eyeglasses you surely remember about the first time you started wearing them. The ophthalmologist made an exam and told you what needs to be done if you want to improve your sight.

That was great, right? You suddenly started seeing more clearly, your headaches stopped, and your overall health got better.

After some time, the vision may get better or worse. You might start seeing better and you’ll need a different diopter, but you also might start losing your ability to see even better. To solve this, you’ll need a different prescription from the optometrist and you’ll need a different lens.

2. Technology always moves forward

Way back in history, people didn’t have the option to improve their sight. If they were able to see – then great. If they started having problems, there was basically no cure for it.

Then, the glasses came. People suddenly started seeing better. After this, the lenses came along and everyone had the option to choose between frames and lenses.

Today, the options still stand, but as of late ’90 and especially after the 10s of the new millennium, laser surgery stepped up in solving lots of eye problems. There’s almost no problem that can’t be cured with it. Some serious conditions like glaucoma or cataract are now easily fixable with the precession of lasers who do everything.

Ophthalmologists don’t even have to touch your face anymore. The laser is doing everything for them so you shouldn’t worry about anything go wrong. Of course, in order to get to surgery, an eye exam must be performed. This way the doctors will know if you need more serious treatment or not.

3. Take the kids on time to save their health

A lot of vision problems can be avoided if children’s parents see that something’s wrong in time. That’s why it’s smart to do occasional eye exams and be sure that everything is alright.

However, one exam doesn’t mean your child will be safe from problems forever. A yearly examination is a great idea and it won’t do any harm if your child receives on time check-up.

4. Glaucoma awareness

Glaucoma is not a rare disease. Over 3 million Americans suffer from it. However, the disease is not incurable. With a simple procedure, it can be corrected and the person can continue living a normal life.

However, a lot of people don’t understand there’s a problem with their sight until it’s late. There are three types of glaucoma – the open-angle which is the most common, the closed-angle, and the normal tension.

They are all able to be corrected with minor interventions but it is still something the patient must examine on time before a more complex procedure be taken. If you want to know more about glaucoma, click here:

Glaucoma awareness

5. Don’t ignore small symptoms

All great problems start with small symptoms. People tend to ignore them, though. If you happen to feel something strange and you’re not sure what it is, it’s best not to guess and visit the optometrist at once.

In most of the cases, the problem won’t be serious and you’ll only need some glasses but sometimes you might be ignoring a situation that is not something normal and will need further serious procedures.  Never ignore going to the eye doctor!