Team surgeon at work in operating room.

Going under the knife for weight loss surgery might sound quite relieving as most people look at it as quick fix solution to obesity. It needs to be explained that the surgery is not an end in itself to all obesity related problems. It only helps you to turn back the weight machine and re-calibrate it so that you can make a fresh beginning. You enjoy your new found status of weighing much less but how much of the goodness can be retained in the long run would depend on how well you maintain it. The surgery is quite unlike other surgeries as it requires good mental preparation to face it and then put up with the new habits of life and food that are necessary to sustain it.

Have realistic expectations

More satisfaction is derived from weight loss surgeries for patients who have realistic expectations about it. In order to help patients develop realistic expectations, the medical team counsels patients to share correct information about the surgery. This helps to drive away wrong ideas that can create confusion and misunderstanding at a later stage.

It will be wrong to think that the moment you have the surgery you start thinning down. On the contrary, you might gain weight when you leave the hospital after surgery due to accumulation of fluid in your body. The surgery only creates a smaller stomach for you that can inhibit hunger and reduce food intake. Weight reduction will happen in the subsequent six months provided you follow the treatment procedure correctly. This will be followed by a steady phase and further reduction can happen over a period of one year.

Change your attitude towards food

Change in food habits accompanied by special diet is the recipe of success in weight loss surgeries. Even before you go for surgery but have made up your mind to have it done, change your mental approach towards food. Develop an attitude that helps to stay away from greed and food addiction. Start to change your eating habits by reducing the food intake. Such preparation before surgery will hasten the good effects after surgery.

Be positive after surgery

After knowing what to expect from the surgery and the possible time it might take for the results to show up, stay positive throughout the period of recovery post surgery. Having known about the procedure and being convinced about it there should be no reasons to get anxious about results. Instead, ensure adherence to the post operative treatment regimen that will automatically give results in due course. Self belief can help you stay positive and keep away from unwanted depression.

Be comfortable with the new habits

Accept the new food habits with an open mind so that you are comfortable in adapting it. This would ensure that you never feel like deviating from the disciplined life that ensures permanent relief from obesity. Wrong habits of eating can defeat the purpose of bariatric surgery.

Having the will to forget the past and build on the present will place you in good stead for a better future.