A few things happen to your skin as it ages that gives you the look that many people associate with aging skin. As our skin ages it begins to sag and lose its lustre. If you are looking for an anti-aging product, make sure to look for a product that fights skin sagging and discoloration. By better understanding the effects of aging on skin you will be able to better understand what your anti-aging cream needs to do.


Collagen is a protein that binds your skin together and holds it tight. Collagen keeps your skin tight and elastic. Collagen is like a rubber band, though; the longer it is stretched, the looser it will get. Therefore, as you age, it begins to stretch thus causing the skin on your face to sag. To avoid this, you need to strengthen the collagen in your face with dermatologist-approved anti-aging skin products. They will help rebuild the protein bonds and tighten the collagen to reduce wrinkles and sagging.

Skin Cells

Your skin cells are mostly water. When they are dehydrated they start to shrivel and shrink. When that happens, the skin becomes loose. When the skin cells are well-hydrated, they plump up. This makes your skin look tighter. Also, it makes your skin brighter and more colourful. The cells also help to move blood and nutrients through your skin which helps give your face some colour. Therefore, you should start any skincare regimen by drinking an ample amount of water so that you stay hydrated. Also, make sure that you choose an anti-aging product that helps to direct water to your skin cells.


Your skin discolours for a few different reasons. It will start to lose its lustre when the cells are dehydrated. Also, your skin will discolour around your eyes or at blemishes. This occurs because the cells become damaged. When the cells are damaged they bruise which leads to discoloration. Making sure you get enough sleep is very important. Sleep helps to fight off dark circles and other blemishes. You should also look for an anti-aging product that is restorative and helps heal bruises.

Sun Protection

Finally, all of this is worsened if your skin is overexposed to UV rays. Ultraviolet light from the sun damages skin and collagen cells. It will cause your skin to loosen and discolour. Make sure you are protecting your skin from a broad spectrum of UV rays. This means you need protection from UVA as well as UVB rays as they are both damaging to your skin.