Dental Veneers

Nowadays, everyone looks for new approaches and methods to look more attractive. Beauty is one of the most essential things for human beings, and it’s expected to find yourself attracted to beautiful things. You must take good care of your smile because it significantly impacts your appearance and charisma. Fortunately, there are many different ways to achieve a dreamy smile regardless of how your teeth are discolored, crooked, or poorly shaped. Cosmetic dentistry has been improving for years, and now, it offers a wide range of valuable services to create flawless smiles. One of the most prevalent options is veneers that can boost your self-esteem and hide all imperfections. There are many advantages associated with these fantastic shells that you should know if you think about a great transformation and aesthetic change.

A dentist at advanced cosmetic dentistry in Toronto explains that if you are irritated by the gaps in your mouth, you need to consider them as an option. Today’s article explains everything you have to know about how cosmetic veneers can address this issue and make one’s smile ideal.

Is Fixing Different from Hiding?

The crucial thing to regard is the difference between hiding and fixing a problem. Veneers are incredible when it comes to covering a dental imperfection, but they can’t technically fix it the way they should. When you have such problems, bringing your teeth closer and into their right positions is what you can call addressing. On another level, veneers are shells bonded to the front surfaces of the teeth of yours to create a perfectly bright smile. You have to understand how gapped teeth can threaten your oral wellness, that is why functional fixing is a better choice. However, some patients seek a quick solution and prefer veneers.

Who Is an Eligible Candidate?

Not everyone can get this procedure for this condition, and some qualifications are required:

  • The gap between your teeth is 4mm or less.
  • Your oral condition is good, and you shall not have such difficulties as periodontal disease, infection, or tooth decay.
  • You are agreeable to have them for rest of your time.
  • Your bite is udeally aligned with your teeth.
  • Your expectations are realistic from this treatment.

Are There Any Limitations?

As mentioned, this option is only suitable for minor cases and doesn’t work when your problem is advanced. The wider the gap, the less chance veneers have to hide it properly. If the gaps are too remarkable and your teeth are crooked, it’s better to visit an orthodontist.

What Are the Best Alternatives?

If you can’t cover this problem with the help of veneers, you should consider some other alternatives to enhance the smile you have.

  • Snap-On Veneers: They hide your dental imperfections in a broader range and are suitable for patients with major issues. However, they are thinner than traditional ones and would have better to get replaced every year or even more.
  • Orthodontics: You can visit an experienced orthodontist to get braces or clear aligners. These appliances put your teeth back into their proper positions.

Visit a cosmetic professional for more information!