liquid diet

The patients, coming back from the medical facility, are required to adapt many lifestyle changes and food habits in order to achieve long-term benefits. The task of maintaining a healthy routine can be really tough in the initial stage. Weight loss surgery in Mexico can prove beneficial only if the patients stick to the prescribed food and medication. The diet seems to be changed or minimal compared to the diet before the weight loss surgery in Mexico.

A clear liquid diet after weight loss surgery

After a particular bariatric surgery, the patient should stick to a clear liquid diet for the first two weeks. This diet can help in quick healing and may reduce the chances of complications or side effects. The fluids that the patient can consume after a weight loss surgery include water, Jell-O, and broth. The patient’s stomach is able to bear these liquids. After some weeks, the patient can shift to soft foods.

What is all there in a clear liquid diet?

  1. Water

For a bariatric patient, it is crucial to remain hydrated throughout the day. Consumption of at least 2 ounces of water every hour in the postoperative phase is vital. The patients should drink slowly and follow the 30-minute rule. They must ensure not to drink water while having meals. It would be better to call the doctor if the patient is feeling difficulty in drinking water or any kind of liquid.

  1. Low-calorie drinks

These drinks can be consumed by bariatric patients occasionally. The low-calorie beverages like sugar-free crystal light, herbal tea, and Mio are all acceptable during the post-surgery period.

  1. Broth

Including broth in the diet is a great choice. The patient should go for chicken or beef flavoured broth. He or she can even have both sugar-free Jell-O and broth as meals. New foods can be added in the diet plan only if the patient’s stomach is able to tolerate the clear liquid diet.

Summing up

Normal appetite returns typically in four to six months after the operation. The patient may suffer from discomfort, nausea, vomiting, etc. if he/she begins with solid foods right after the weight loss surgery. Thus, it can even obstruct the recovery process. Those were the relevant details regarding liquid diet for weight loss surgery.  Get in touch with a skilled specialist or dietician in the town if you are puzzled about what to eat after a weight loss surgery.