If you are looking for someplace where you can get the complete dental treatment, plus it should be trustworthy as well. So you should visit Affordable Dental Clinic Parramatta. This clinic is now one of the famous Dental Clinics in whole Australia. People from several other parts of Australia except for Parramatta also prefer to visit this clinic. The reason is that they can completely trust them with the technology they have and the method of treatment as well. Australia is no doubt a developed country, but still, there are several dental clinics which are still practising the traditional methods of treatment. So people mostly avoid the dental clinics due to that. And no doubt if there is any patient who has got their treatment from Affordable Dental Clinic Parramatta, then they would visit them again as well. Obviously, the environment and treatment they have over there are in their favour. Plus it is not expensive as well like other dental clinics. They give out several; different packages like,

  1. Student Discount Package
  2. New Patients Package
  3. Oral Products
  4. Pensioner Discount Package

Student Discount Package

In the whole world students always enjoy special vouchers and discounts. As companies are well aware that they cannot pay for the high amount of bills with the studies going on. SO they offer them with the greater discounts. Similarly, Parramatta Dental Clinic also provides a special package which is just valid for the students. As they understand the problems of the students, so they offer them with the discounts of 20% which is much more than any other package. This discount will be given after receiving your student card, and there is no limit for this discount. You must remember that the discount will be only available for the present students, as there will be a verification process as well for your student card.

New Patients Package

As everyone wants a discount, even if they are new to this clinic. So obviously Parramatta dental clinic does not want to put their hope down. And they have introduced discount vouchers or discount coupons. There are different coupons available for different visits. And this offer is especially given to the new customers. ON their first visit they can have a Professional Checkup voucher. So for the examination, digital X-Ray, and diagnostic photo, they have to pay up to $135. Similarly, on their second visit, they can have Healthy Smile Voucher, and here they will be paying $90 for the cleaning and polishing of teeth with oral instructions. The last voucher is available on the third visit, and here you will be paying $500 for Bright Pearly White Voucher. In this voucher, you will be having a complete dental checkup, tooth polishing, oral kit, and tooth maintenance pack.

Pensioner Discount Package

As for the retired personnel’s they cannot afford anything expensive because they do not get enough pension that they could meet their needs. They require special discounts everywhere, especially for all types of medical treatments. So Affordable Dental Clinic Parramatta provides 10% off discount just for the pensioners. SO that they can also enjoy the discounted treatment from here, and save their extra money for some other needs. Well, pensioners have to bring their pension card on every visit so that the card could be verified, and then the discount will be issued.