Simplepay is a financing company which provides dental patients with financing facilities. The main objective of Simplepay is to provide you with reasonable financing options which will increase your profits as well. Our management group has several years of experience in providing funds, dental health check, software corporations etc. Simplepay is a firm organization and facilitates you with a trustworthy dental financial resolution that numerous other financial companies do not offer. Due to non availability of easy financing options contact Simplepay for dental payment plan as well. We offer you with various financing options such as 0% interest, 100% patient support, no credit checks and also present’s definite expenditure to dentists. We believe in associating with our clients.

Now the major question is why only simple pay not other?

As we know there is a large number of expenditure required per year in dental practices because of unavailability of reachable financing options. The lack of unavailability of financing options has lead to major income losses all around the country. Most of the patients only get 55% of treatment covered through insurance which left them with the large amount with no means to pay. Almost 12 out of 20 patients won’t be able to qualify for credit-based financing as a result of this huge number of patients terminated their treatment plans. Because of this factor, you not only lose patients but you will also lose your precious connections and with each and every cancelled plan you will be going to lose your important revenue. Simplepay is more than just financing. Our main motive is to facilitate you to raise your practice. For this, our devoted advocate team is always available which will help you to raise your practice each and every single day.

We also make helpful and encouraging environment for various patients and help those patients who won’t be able to pay because of any specified reason as well as we also do not tag those patients who won’t be able to pay on time as “defaulters” and we also don’t charge any kind of fees from defaulters. Instead of charging fees or claiming we patiently deal and help them to find out the best solution for it. This will surely increase our integrity and improves our connection with patients.

Charges and expenditures to be paid

You don’t need to give set up fees or yearly contract you just need to pay by the month and you can stop anytime and your total Monthly expenditure fee to be paid is $199.Monthly fees is high because there are following facilities provided such as client support with a chosen practice Advocate who is accessible by phone or email during company timings, Patient referrals, complete staff education, for your easy pay to patient they provide you with online and offline advertising resources, patient account supervision which includes fee- gathering.

Every patient has to pay 10% of simplepay payment. For example, simple pay will place $180 into your account but only if your patient has a $200- month payment.

Your patient needs to pay $4 per month operational fee and one time $39 patient enrollment fee and there will be no interest applied to your Patient’s anytime. Read more about ultimate guide to dental payment options to save money on dental care.