Do you like eating candies, cakes, and cookies? Do you like eating them daily? Do you visit the dentist regularly? If the answer to the first two are yes but the third one is a no then you are in deep trouble. As per Dr. Kami Hoss, dentistry in San Diego area that while most toothpaste advertisements go this way, but regular dental checkups are important for not just people with a sweet tooth but also for regular people. The dental expert strongly recommend to go abreast with dental checkups best practices and consuming only prescription drugs to shun all sorts of  side effects.

  1. Cavities: Cavities are dreaded and should rightly be so especially since once a tooth gets damaged then it has to be filled and fixed which cannot be done without professional help. Plagues are the precursors of cavities, which are formed in areas missed by regular brushing. The buildup of plaques results in solid tartars, which are extremely difficult to remove and consequently erode off the tooth wall. Regular dental health check up prevents this build up from even occurring.
  2. Gum problems: Gingivitis is the dreaded gum condition, which is the result of a buildup of plagues and tartars. While continuous accumulation of tartar will damage the damage the teeth for sure, but it will also erode the surrounding gum tissues, which support the tooth. This erosion will result in soreness and will soon reach the state of a gum disease when teeth will simply start falling out. Getting rid of this will not only be a heavy blow to the wallet but can also involve invasive surgeries, deep flushing, and medication.
  3. Bad Habits: All of us have some of these or the other which ranges from chewing ice to eating raw food. Regular checkups will allow the dentist to identify if those habits are causing damage to the tooth or the surrounding gum tissues and those habits can be then be rectified.
  4. Jaw problems: Bi annual checkups will result in detection of jaw problems with the help of x- rays. There are many issues, which can be detected earlier, especially those, which show no symptoms at, first like cysts, swellings, tumors, bone decays and more. Early detection will aid in early treatment.
  5. Oral Cancer detection: Kami Hoss says early onset of oral cancer is hard to detect since it manifests in various ways and can quickly progress into a life threatening disease. But it can be diagnosed and controlled through regular checkups since a dentist is trained to look out for those symptoms. One way to detect it is through the VELscope Cancer test, which is pain free, not invasive and takes only a short period. The test catches signs of dead tissue, which are caused by tumors.

Thus, while there is a general belief that gum or mouth health isn’t that important but keeping it on the list of priorities can end up saving your life. Moreover, dentists are not just concerned with fixing your teeth set but also detect abnormal growth, tumor, tissue breakage, other factors and symptoms which when left unchecked can result in bigger problems down the road. So overcomes your dental anxiety for the sake of your teeth and your wallet.