Statistics show that more than two million people get affected by concussions each year. A concussion refers to a brain injury – a traumatic one – that is the result of a direct blow to the head. Many people end up having a concussion after car accidents. Any activity where your head may receive a sudden jolt can also cause concussions. It is important to work with a professional to ensure proper recovery, and that is when you may have to go for concussion therapy.

Top concussion therapists offer comprehensive programs to help you manage your injury in a more effective manner. Physical therapists work closely with you and offer individualized concussion evaluations. You can easily find suitable rehabilitation programs for you or your loved ones. However, it is a good idea to first learn a bit about concussion and ensure that you have indeed suffered a serious injury. You can get a better idea of the severity of your injury by paying attention to certain signs and symptoms. For instance, you may experience a severe headache after your injury. You may also experience drowsiness, nausea, difficulty focusing, blurred vision, and sensitivity to noise and light.

If you suspect that you have sustained a serious injury or you have a concussion, you should stop the sporting activity immediately and go see your physician. Immediate rest is important and helps with recovery. In fact, you can go to sleep if you want and take some rest. You may also feel better by using an ice pack on your neck and head. Hydrating your body is also important. Ensure that you do not drive, exercise or take ibuprofen after a concussion has occurred.

Once you know a concussion has occurred, you should talk to a professional to receive concussion therapy. Physical therapy has significantly reduced the time you need to recover from concussions. Regular therapy sessions will work great to help improve gaze stability, recover balance, and improve gait and mood. Keep in mind that though concussion therapy helps a lot with concussions, the recovery time may be different for every individual. Your therapist will assess your situation and then create an individualized plan of care to help accelerate recovery.

It is important to keep in mind that only the most experienced therapists can help you recover effectively from concussions. They offer comprehensive programs for concussion management that includes baseline testing, ocular motor rehabilitation, balance rehabilitation, and coordination/balance testing. Some of these programs also include orthopedic evaluation of your neck to rule out other possible causes of headaches. Interestingly, a professional therapist will also offer educational materials to coaches, parents, workers, and athletes to ensure they play their role in better recovery.

The fact of the matter is that concussions can be quite troublesome, but concussion therapy can help make things a lot easier. You will be in a better position to lower risks of complications by opting for physical therapy. Therefore, you should waste no time to see your therapist when you think you have just had a concussion.