Teeth Whitening

Everyone wants to look their best and show a radiant smile. Unfortunately, it can be hard to keep our teeth white, and they are easily stained. Smokers, in particular, struggle to keep bright, healthy-looking teeth. Here are some teeth-whitening suggestions for smokers who want to smile brightly.

People who smoke or use e-cigarettes and have poor oral hygiene suffer tooth discoloration quicker. Plaque develops on teeth when regular oral hygiene practices are not performed. After that, it interacts with the tartar to produce a disgusting brown color. Smoking also causes various problems with oral hygiene. They are oral cancer, gum disease, foul breath, tooth decay, and tooth loss. For more information, contact Esther Oluwo DDS clinic. 

How to keep your teeth white if you are a heavy smoker

Tips for whitening teeth for smokers

  • Brush right after smoking.

Brushing or rinse your mouth between every meal or beverage is tough. Chain smokers might encounter more challenges. Before sticking to the teeth, nicotine and tar are removed by brushing. Additionally, it keeps control over the bacteria and bacteria that encourage staining. If you cannot brush your teeth after each cigarette, rinse your mouth using water or a whitening mouthwash.

  • Maintain good oral hygiene.

Flossing and brushing twice daily helps reduce nicotine’s adverse impacts on teeth. Instead of using an ordinary toothbrush, use an electric one. Stronger stains are more effectively removed by it. Ask a dentist for a non-abrasive teeth whitening option. You may also use toothpaste designed for smokers. Use rinses or mouthwashes along with your regular oral hygiene routine.

  • Attend regular dental checkups.

You can maintain the color of your teeth by arranging regular checkups with your dentist. Dental exams and cleaning treatments are part of regular dental checkups. The dentist will first examine your teeth and gums and note discolored areas. The next step is dental cleaning to remove the built-up plaque and discoloration.

  • Avoid certain foods and beverages.

You might be shocked to learn that several of your favorite foods or drinks contain stains. For example, dark liquids, sauces, red wine, and tea may stain teeth. Acidic fruits and food also cause enamel deterioration. They reveal the dentin as a result, providing your teeth a yellowish appearance.

  • Consume foods that promote teeth whitening.

Consume fruits and vegetables to help in getting rid of dental stains. Apples, pineapples, celery, and carrots are good for dental health. They stimulate the mouth to generate more saliva. The germs and nicotine that cause discoloration are wiped away by saliva.