Getting sick becomes normal, especially when you are exposed outdoors. So, if possible, you need to take care of yourselves to keep safe. But, there are unavoidable situations like getting fever, cold, flu or having asthma. These are diseases that may affect a productive day. Many of the people nowadays are fond of enjoying saunas and relax their body in a warm tub or pool. It is their way to relax and relieve stress. But, why not make it more useful like getting treatment to release anxiety and stress? Halotherapy is another term for salt therapy, an alternative medicine using salt. Using dry salt, it is drug-free, natural and holistic therapy that uses micro-particles of salt. It promotes healthier skin, better breathing, sounder sleep, improves physical fitness and endurance. In general, it improves the overall wellness of an individual. Furthermore, it helps relieve symptoms of skin conditions and respiratory conditions.

How is salt therapy being performed?

Did you know that dry salt is not only good as a food ingredient? It can also be used as a therapeutic. The salt therapy in Victoria & New South Wales performs salt room treatment. The room will be a sterile and dry environment that controls air pressure, air, humidity, and temperature. A salt room will be covered from the floor up to the ceiling. It is where the salt application is done with the use of halogenerator. It is a device used for crushing the pharmaceutical grade salt. It will be crushed into small particles for the inhalation process. It offers a zero-drug, non-invasive therapy where the micro-particles of the sale enter into the lungs. It is where the healing process works. Children at 3 months old have been treated with salt therapy. Children have a higher percentage of numbers that are receiving salt treatment. Why? They are more prone to respiratory problems because their lungs are not yet fully developed until 9 years old.

The natural remedy for everyone

Many of us want natural remedies for our health issues. Some use traditional medicines that are free from hazardous chemicals. Whereas, others use natural therapies that are coming from natural resources. One of these natural remedies is salt therapy in Victoria & New South Wales. The therapy is done in a controlled environment where you are like isolated in a comfortable salt room. Salt therapy is like saunas, it is done inside a room. This natural therapy is good especially in treating respiratory problems. It is believed that the salt’s drying effect could help in cleaning bronchial secretions. Plus, it discharges these mucous from our lungs. Besides, salt particles are said to be easily absorbent on the skin. It could help in treating skin impurities and repressing bacterial growth. Since salt contains negative ions, it theoretically helps the body produce more serotonin. It is a hormone responsible for uplifting the feeling of happiness. Many people nowadays are already using Himalayan lamps inside their houses. Himalayan lamps are made up of salt. Salt therapy has more benefits to give. Many medical health experts are recommending this therapy. The therapy lacks a deep study and research. But, it is credible in treating severe respiratory diseases.